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Here's why you probably won't be able to drive the Cybertruck in France

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After presenting the Cybertruck in 2019, Tesla is finally delivering to its first customers. During the launch event, Elon Musk's company highlighted the many advantages of this electric pick-up, such as its incredible acceleration capacity, the solidity of the bodywork, and its practicality for professionals. However, there were also some unpleasant surprises.

For example, the price is significantly higher than expected. And as we mentioned in a previous article, the Cybertruck is not available in Europe. Why? It's no secret that Tesla still has production problems. But besides that, the Cybertruck could also have problems with European regulations.

A weight problem

The Cybertruck is so heavy that in France, it would be considered a heavyweight. And as a result, it could not be driven with a simple B license, and would require a C1 license. Tesla's pick-up is 5.9 meters long and has a GVWR (total vehicle weight) of 3.6 tonnes, which exceeds the 3.5 tonnes authorized with a B license.

For Tesla to offer this pick-up in Europe, the media are discussing many options. Tesla could, for example, seek to obtain an exemption, have the Cybertruck approved as a class C1 truck, or even make the vehicle lighter. Tesla plans to launch a rear-wheel drive version in 2025 and it is always possible that it will be lighter.

A complex model, even for Tesla

In any case, it should be noted that for the moment, Tesla is still struggling to accelerate production of this model. In October, Elon Musk even declared that with the Cybertruck, the brand had “digged its grave”. Musk had cited enormous challenges facing Tesla in ramping up production and getting the Cybertruck to turn a profit.

As of October, more than a million reservations had already been recorded. However, Tesla will only have the capacity to produce 125,000 units per year. Then, this capacity could increase to 250,000 units per year from 2025.

  • Tesla has finally started deliveries of its Cybertruck, presented in 2019
  • But apart from the fact that it costs more than expected, the electric pick-up is not available in Europe
  • In addition to the manufacturer's production problems, it must also adapt to EU rules (in relation to the weight of the Cybertruck)

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