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High school rankings: which are the best establishments in France ?

Which French high schools have the best results? Consult our ranking, before the 2024 prize list.

France has nearly 3,800 high schools, but not all of them have the same levels of exam results. Some establishments even manage to achieve this. display baccalaureate success levels equal to or approaching 100%. Wù are these high schools of excellence ? Which are the best in France ? Every year, Linternaute.com reveals its prize list, the ranking of the best high schools 2024 will be revealed March 20, 2024 on this page. The results of the previous one are up to date. find it right here.

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City by city, department by department, and even region by region, discover which high schools are the best rated. Thanks to à our methodology is established on three specific points (which we detail here), establishments are classified according to the score obtained & agrave; based on the criteria retained by our editorial staff:

  • the rate of success rate for the baccalaureate
  • the rate of mentions
  • the rate of second-baccalaureate access rate

► See our methodology

► Consult the IVAL on the website of the Ministry of Education

So, what is the best high school near you? Find out thanks to our search engine and &agrav; our map of France the notes that we have assigned to each of the establishments and their classification in the city or department of your choice. Also examine the changes in the rate of mentions or even the rate of access from the second to the baccalaureate for each of the establishments that interest you . It is thus possible to compare these different indicators within the same establishment. For each high school, the success rate of an establishment or its access rate from the second to the baccalaureate can vary. be compared to the same rates at different rates. at the departmental or national level.

What is the best high school in your department, your region (or academy) or even your city? High schools? Are provincial or small-scale factories doing better than small-scale factories? bac" in terms of baccalaureate results and access to higher education this same exam ? Consult the performances of high schools é on a local scale thanks to our list of cities, as well as 'à our map.

  • Paris (75000)
  • Lyon (69000)
  • Marseille (13000)
  • Toulouse (31000)
  • Nice (06000)
  • Nantes (44000)
  • Montpellier (34000)
  • Strasbourg (67000)
  • Bordeaux (33000)
  • Lille (59000)
  • Rennes (35000)
  • Reims (51100)
  • Le Havre (76600)
  • Saint-Etienne (42000)
  • Toulon (83000)
  • Grenoble (38000)
  • Dijon (21000)
  • Angers (49000)

Click on a department to consult the list of its best high schools or find a city.

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  • Ranking best high schools Dear
  • Ranking best high schools Corrèze
  • Ranking best high schools Cote-d'Or
  • Ranking best high schools Cotes-d'Armor
  • Ranking best Creuse high schools
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  • Ranking best high schools Isère
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What is the best high school in France ?

In our high school rankings, a high school from France takes first place hands down. : the Louis Le Grand high school located in in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. The Jeannine Manuel bilingual active school (Paris XV) does not appear in first position in our ranking, of which it has remained in pole position for ten consecutive years .

The Louis Le Grand high school rises to a 100% baccalaureate success rate, with support from students ;ves from the second until the baccalaureate established at 98% and a rate of mentions à 99%. Which allows us to give it a score of 19.85/20.

Background in 1563, the former high school of Charles Baudelaire, Eugène Delacroix, Victor Hugo, Alain Juppé or even Jacques Chirac perpetuates his tradition of excellence. The students of the Louis-le-Grand high school are often called of the "magnoludovicians", and the establishment, commonly referred to as under the acronym "LLG". The high school includes preparatory classes in addition to the high school itself. 

What are the best high schools in France? Due to the game of ties, a Top 10 proves impossible this year ;e. According to our new ranking, low Based on ministry data, the following 15 establishments are among the best performing in France. Here are their notes:

  • 1st – Lycée Louis Le Grand (Public, Paris Ve): 19.85/20
  • 2nd tied – Lycée Henri IV (Public, Paris Ve): 19.8/20
  • 2nd tied – Lycée Stanislas (Private, Paris 6th): 19.8/20
  • 4th ex-aequo – Jeannine Manuel bilingual active school (Private, Paris 15th): 19.7/20
  • 4th tied – Lycée Bossuet-Notre-Dame (Private, Paris Xe): 19.7/20
  • 4th tied – Lycée Saint-Jean de Passy  (Private, Paris 16th): 19.7/20
  • 7th tied – Lycée Fénelon Sainte-Marie (Private, Paris VIIIe): 19.65/20
  • 7th tied – Lycée Saint-Dominique (Private;, Neuilly-sur-Seine): 19.65/20
  • 7th tied – Lycée Henri Matisse  (Private, Montreuil): 19.65/20
  • 8th tied – Lycée Condorcet (Paris 9th): 19.6/20
  • 8th tied – Lycée Sévigné (Paris Friday): 19.6/20
  • 8th tied – Lycée Blomet (Paris 15th arrondissement): 19.6/20
  • 8th tied – Lycée Sainte-Marie (Neuilly-sur-Seine) : 19.6/20
  • 8th tied – Lycée Notre-Dame (Boulogne-Billancourt): 19.6/20
  • 8th tied – Lycée Montalembert (Courbevoie): 19.6/20

Precision:For this list of the best high schools in France, we have not kept any that the high schools which presented more than 100 candidates for the baccalaureate exams. Their ranking may therefore change with the raw data presented on their respective pages. Read also

What is the secret of the best high schools in France? We tried to find out to find out a little more about the 20 establishments of excellence in the high school rankings.

Parisian high schools are in pole position in the high school rankings. The Louis Le Grand high school, a public establishment in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, is first in our ranking of high schools. In the current edition of the high school rankings, the Top 20 of the best general and technological high schools in France counted no less of 12 Parisian high schools and 8 high schools located outside of Paris. Paris, but still in the Paris region. A stable score for the capital's high schools compared to those in the capital. the previous edition of the high school rankings, since 12 Parisian high schools (intramural) then appeared in the Top & nbsp;20.

The best Parisian high schools in our ranking:

  • 1st – Lycée Louis Le Grand (public, 5th arr.)
  • 2nd tied – Lycée Henri IV (public, 5th arrondissement)
  • 2nd ex-aequo – Lycée Stanislas (private, 6th arrondissement)
  • 4th tied – Active school Jeannine Manuel (private, 15th arrondissement)
  • 4th tied – Lycée Bossuet-Notre-Dame (private, 10th arr.)
  • 4th tied – Lycée Saint-Jean de Passy (private, 16th arrondissement)< /li>
  • 7th tied – Lycée F&nelon Sainte-Marie (private, VIIIth arr.)

What is the ranking of high schools ? And how is it developed ? The IVALs, or & ;quot;Indicators of added value of high schools”, are a series of indicators provided each year by the Ministry of Education. ;#39;Education, which makes it possible to assess the ability to from each high school é take its students from second grade to the baccalaureate diploma. These IVALs go well beyond of the simple baccalaureate success rate and take into account the "access rate" at the baccalaureate, i.e. the proportion of students able to obtain the diploma from the second, the first and even from the final year. 

These rates are calculated by the DEPP (Directorate of Evaluation, Foresight and Performance) for the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports,  à based on the results of the previous baccalaureate session, in the approximately 4,300 high schools in France ( general, technical and professional). From this data, we establish a ranking of the best high schools in France with a ranking, high school by high school, of the 4é nbsp;300 establishments (2,300 general and technical high schools, 2,000 high schools professionals approximately) of our country. For each of the establishments, the following figures are published:

  • The baccalaureate success rate: this indicator, expressed in percentage, is the best known. It represents the number of students who obtained the baccalaureate according to the number of registered students. this exam in the same high school.
  • The access rate of seconds to the baccalaureate:this indicator evaluates the chances that a student entering second year has of moving on to the following classes and then obtaining his baccalaureate in high school où he has just registered, regardless of the number of years necessary to complete the program. its obtaining (in other words, repetition(s) included).
  • The rate of mention in the baccalaureate: this indicator examines the proportion of students from & #39;an establishment which has obtained the baccalaureate with honors, whether it is a “fairly good” or “good” distinction. or "very good", and all series included.

Warning: changes are possible. note over the editions of the high school rankings. Since 2015, one criterion in particular has disappeared: that of the "rate of outgoing baccalaureate graduates", in other words the proportion of baccalaureate graduates out of all the él& students leaving the establishment (seconds, first and final years combined). In 2018, a new criterion was introduced, that of the baccalaureate grade rate ("fairly well", "good", " very good).

High school rankings: which are the best establishments in France ?

© Ministry of Education

Linternaute.com has decided to establish your ranking by taking into account three of the indicators provided by the Ministry of Education: the baccalaureate success rate, the baccalaureate rate #39;access to the seconds bac and the rate of mentions in the bac, all series included. We assign a coefficient of 2 for the baccalaureate success rate, which accounts for half of the success rate. in our evaluation. We believe that this measure remains relevant, despite the current situation. the growing percentages of high school graduates. But this final success is not, & #39; our eyes, the only useful indicator. To measure the quality of of teaching over the duration, we add the "access rate of seconds to the baccalaureate", which accounts for a quarter of the grade, to which has been added since 2018 the "rate of mention at the baccalaureate", which constitutes the last quarter of the overall mark attributed to & each high school.

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