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Hisense launches its first 100 TV, and it costs a arm

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Over the years, our televisions have become thinner and thinner, lighter and lighter… but also bigger and bigger. Indeed, if there was a time when having a 32″ cathode ray television was available, in the living room already constituted a certain form of luxury (not to mention hybrid televisions with integrated game console), many people today are installing screens of 55, 65 or even 75″ on the living room wall. In addition to size, the technology has evolved greatly, with the added bonus of various forms of display, namely LED, QLED, OLED, mini-LED…

A 100″ Smart TV at Hisense

However, for many consumers, the main factors in deciding whether to purchase a new TV come down to two things: size (as large as possible) and price (as small as possible). ). This is why the manufacturer Hisense has just formalized a newcomer in its U7KQ range, with a new model… of 100″.

Already available in 55″, 65″ and 75″, the Hisense U7KQ Smart TV range is therefore available in a new XXL version, with a model displaying a diagonal of more than 2.5m! Note that Hisense is an official partner of the next Euro 2024 football tournament, a period always conducive to changing TVs in homes.

In addition to a disproportionate size, Hisense promises plenty of technology on board, with a processor Hi-View, particularly for 4K upscaling, but also a frequency of 120 Hz (and even 144 Hz) and VRR compatibility, highly sought after today by PS5 and Xbox Series players.

In a stable television market in terms of volume, very large sizes have shown growth of +7% and have positioned themselves as real drivers since the start of their implementation. The French are now equipping themselves beyond the 65” diagonal. We are proud to respond to this request” explains Rémy Journé, vice-president of Hisense France.

Note that the audio section is not left out, with a 2.1.2 system here, with a total power of 60W, i.e. 20W more than the rest of the range, all being Dolby Atmos compatible. An XXL panel, an XXL price for ordinary mortals, even if the latter turns out to be “correct” for such a screen, with a bill which will come to €4,990.

  • Hisense is marketing a new version of its U7KQ Smart TV, with a 100& #8243; !
  • Enough to enjoy the next Euro 2024 football and your favorite video games on a screen of more than 2.5m diagonal!
  • A gigantism which however requires 8217;pay an invoice of €4,990.

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