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HoloTile: what if Disney had just presented the future of VR ?

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About ten years ago, virtual reality made users' eyes light up and emerged as the future. But today, this technology has still not taken off. While the technology is promising, it is too expensive and cumbersome for “average” users. Succeeding in moving through these immersive virtual worlds without breaking the charm is among the (multiple) obstacles that virtual reality encounters.

While your character can run or move around the virtual world, sitting on your couch is boring, while starting to walk or run yourself can be dangerous. Disney has just introduced HoloTile technology and it could well be revolutionary.

To enhance immersive experiences

To put it simply, HoloTile is a kind of treadmill made up of active intelligence tiles. On the surface, there are discs that can rotate and tilt so that multiple people can walk in any direction without bumping, falling or actually moving. The presentation of HoloTile is quite impressive. Several people can walk (or run, or dance) independently for a unique and immersive experience.

HoloTile is able to automatically adapt to the movements of people and objects. Likewise, this somewhat special floor can be adjusted to the shape and size of the room. In short, these uses are almost endless. “I can walk on this omnidirectional floor in any direction I want, it will automatically do whatever it takes to keep me on the ground” , explains Lanny Smoot in a video published by Disney Parks.

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For a quarter of a century, Lanny Smoot has been an Imagineer at Disney. The Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development department designs attractions in Disney parks, as well as the multiple technologies found there. After 25 years of good and loyal service, Lanny Smoot will be inducted into the “National Inventors Hall of Fame”. Before him, only Walt Disney himself had been entitled to it… Posthumously.

At the moment, Disney doesn't yet know what to do with HoloTile. This is, at present, a simple research project. But in the near future, we can very well imagine finding this unique floor in certain Disney park attractions to fully enjoy virtual reality experiences. There's plenty to look forward to learning more about.

  • Disney has just introduced HoloTile
  • This omnidirectional ground could well revolutionize virtual reality
  • It allows you to move around virtual worlds in real time without ever leaving the “tapis”

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