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This Apple Watch saves the life of a teenager in the mountains at more than 4 km altitude

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His name is Joseph and his 14-year-old son suffers from acute mountain sickness. This syndrome can be particularly dangerous, and this serious health concern, which can become fatal in the absence of medical treatment, unfortunately manifested itself during an outing at an altitude of more than 4,200 meters in Peru.< /p>

A very useful feature

Luckily for him, Joseph is equipped with an Apple Watch, which allowed him to detect the disorder of the adolescent via the detection of oxygen in the blood. He monitored this data overnight, while help could arrive on the scene.

Grateful, the man shared his experience in a letter addressed to Apple Insider. He also contacted Tim Cook to thank him. The Apple manager also took care to respond to him. Quoted by our colleagues, he underlines:

This sounds like a terrifying situation. I hope he's okay now. Thank you for sharing his story with us. Please convey my regards to him. Tim.

If this story is already out of the ordinary in itself, it comes at a very special time for the Cupertino. Indeed, following a complaint from the Masimo company for patent infringement, sales of Apple Watch Series 9 or an Apple Watch Ultra 2 were banned in the United States last December.

If an appeal has suspended this decision, the blood oxygen detection functionality is in any case in the hot seat, and according to the latest information, Apple may abandon this tool on these models in the future.

The ECG saves his life

Anyway, it's far from being the first time that the connected watch has been praised for its health tools. It has saved lives on numerous occasions, including the example of Nitesh Chopra, an Indian dentist.

The latter suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest. Worried, he consulted the ECG function of his Apple Watch Series 6 to try to reassure himself. The device then told him that his heart rhythm was abnormal. The dentist then consulted a doctor. His diagnosis: a blocked artery which would not have been identified without the information from the connected watch.

What to remember:

  • An Apple Watch saved the life of a teenager in the mountains
  • It was the blood oxygen detection function that played its role
  • < li>This tool is in the spotlight and could well disappear from connected watches due to potential patent infringement

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