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TikTok announces a wave of layoffs: what’s happening ?

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With its conquering image, forged by its dazzling popularity around the world, there was reason to imagine that the ByteDance subsidiary would ultimately be one of the few to be able to do without cuts significant in its payroll. We are talking about a company that still hires 150,000 employees around the world.

And yet, the firm admits that, like other big names in global tech, it has sufficient difficulties to initiate a restructuring with job cuts as a result. They are not very numerous in proportion: we are talking, in all, about sixty roles, mainly in the Sales and Advertising divisions of its American offices in Los Angeles, New York and Austin.

TikTok is experiencing, like everyone else, the turbulence that is shaking the tech world

But they are not the first in recent months. At the start of 2023, we learned that the firm was separating from its HR team in Dublin. An announcement which followed a wave of layoffs in mid-2022, and broader efforts by ByteDance to reduce its teams. For example, Engadget tells us that ByteDance has deleted “hundreds” of positions within its subsidiary Nuverse which develops Marvel Snap. .

De facto TikTok, like big names in tech, hired a lot during the last cycle of strong growth in the sector. However, the drop in advertising revenues, the threats – essentially political – of the United States (Donald Trump having, for example, tried to force the sale of TikTok) and other countries and regions such as the European Union, the firm must adjust its effectiveness, which may involve deletions of hierarchical levels, and redundancies.

A movement which is even more intense in the Big Tech sector, with possible new announcements of workforce reductions in 2024. This is the case of Google, whose CEO has already started to warn that it would continue its restructuring efforts “with the aim of removing decision-making layers, simplifying execution, and becoming more agile in certain areas”.

Or even Amazon which seeks to reduce its costs and increase its efficiency by separating from& ;#8217;around 5% of its teams in the Buy with Prime division – after parting ways with some 500 employees from the Twitch division. We can in any case hope, for employees in this sector, that the year 2025 will be that of a return to sufficient profitability so as not to be suspended from new decisions of this type.

  • TikTok has revealed that it is preparing to lay off around sixty people, mainly in the United States.
  • These layoffs mainly concern the advertising and sales divisions of the social network.
  • It is likely that other waves of layoffs can be expected in the sector during 2024.

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