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House of the Dragon: the wait is unbearable after this incredible trailer

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If you're waiting for season 2 of House of the Dragonwhich will be broadcast from June 16 on the Max platform in France, you are clearly not alone. To increase the pressure a little more a few weeks before the launch, the streaming service has just revealed a final trailer which is worth the detour. (Spoiler alert: the rest of the article includes plot elements from Season 1).

War is declared

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If season 1 was calm enough, season 2 should get off to a flying start. The trailer begins with a comment from Rhaenyra: “The Targaryen who sits on the Iron Throne n&#8217 ;is not just a king or a queen. He is the protector of the kingdom. Today I find myself in an impossible position. The enemy has usurped my throne”.

War therefore seems indeed on the horizon, although some members of the council suggest moderation, Aegon advocates revenge. For his part, Daemon suggests that only a strong man can unite the kingdom (he speaks of himself ?). As for Alicent, she would like the war to end, but also for one of her sons to recover the Iron Throne, which seems difficult to reconcile with a diplomatic option. The dragons are obviously nearby, ready to act.

Advice of caution

If we Based on the storyline of the book, Rhaenyra and Daemon will call on two new characters Blood and Cheese who will be responsible for sneaking into the Red Keep and killing one of Aegon's sons. In any case, we can expect a fairly exciting season 2 as it is difficult to know how the different houses will position themselves.

Rhaenys has also warned Rhaenyra&amp ;nbsp;: “There is no war so detestable to the gods as a war between relatives. And no war is as bloody as a war between dragons”. But it seems very unlikely that the latter will follow his advice.

Waiting to watch this sequel to House of the Dragon, we invite you to reread our previous article which lists the information already known about the project. What do you think of this latest trailer, and are you (like us) excited for this season 2 ? Tell us in the comments.

What you need to remember:

  • Season 2 of House of the Dragon starts June 16 on Max
  • A new trailer has just been revealed
  • Le your tone looks much more violent than the first season

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