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The four astonishing nicknames of Mohamed Amra, a violent criminal known to international banditry

The man who was released by a commando, Tuesday May 14, during a murderous operation, his name is Mohamed Amra. But in organized crime, it is known by other names.

The attack on the prison administration cell van occurred on Tuesday, May 14, a toll in the Eure, surprised the management of the prison administration. For one main reason: the freed man, Mohamed Amra, was not considered a prisoner. as an extremely dangerous criminal or as a major figure in French banditry. "He's a man originally from Normandy, linkedé to drug trafficking, rather at the level of the sponsors, but we did not imagine it at the level of such an operation,” confided & in this regard a police source à 20 Minutes.

The prison administration services had taken note of this situation. that Mohamed Amra had attempted to to escape last Sunday, trying to saw the bars of his window. He was considered as an individual requiring a "level 3 escort" : three prison officers had to supervise him and the team had even been further reinforced, with two additional agents, including an officer.

What do we now know ? That man, does not in 1994 à Rouen, had been condemned by the Evreux court, Friday, for burglary, & eighteen months in prison. He was incarcerated; for these facts at the Val-de-Reuil prison center. Europe 1, which acquired the documents of his "treatment of criminal records", adds that'he é indicted&quot ;for 19 offenses including violence and burglary when he was between 11 and 14 years old. All these cases have been resolved. classified without further action. Six other proceedings concerning him were carried out. opened by the judicial police in 2015, for suspicion of criminal associations, violence with weapons, kidnapping and attempted murder. 

Also according to Europe 1, Mohamed Amra is also suspected of of having ordered the murder of a drug trafficker from Dreux, found death à Marseille in 2022. On January 5, 2022, he had beené condemned &agrav; three years' imprisonment handed down by the Rouen Court of Appeal, for burglary, conspiracy to commit a crime, extortion, destruction by dangerous means, gang theft, aggravated break-in and gun violence. The anti-narcotics office, OFAST, even considers him as a trafficker of international stature, a drug figure known from Marseille to the Antilles. Le Monde also indicates that the man is known to the underworld and organized crime networks under four nicknames:    "Momo", "The Fly". But also "Yanis" and more surprisingly, "Smurf".

Did the police underestimate? its dangerousness ? According to police sources relayed by Le Monde, Mohamed Amra would not be " a big fish, but a mid-table player in the thugocracy, multi-card and opportunist.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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