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How Apple can save Facebook's metaverse project ?

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Mark Zuckerberg is convinced that at some point, augmented reality glasses will replace smartphones. And this is why the Meta group, the parent company of Facebook, is spending tens of billions of dollars to develop this technology. However, these expenses are regularly singled out, because for the moment, Meta's AR/VR division is accumulating losses and the technology is still far from being democratized.

But 2024 could be a different year for Meta, thanks to the arrival of a new competitor: Apple. As you may already know, the Cupertino company has finally launched its Vision Pro headset, which competes directly with Meta products. Indeed, the arrival of this new competition would be far from displeasing Meta's managers. In any case, this is what an article published by the Wall Street Journal indicates, which cites sources close to the matter.

A validation

In essence, these executives, including Mark Zuckerberg, would be “optimistic” about the launch of the Vision Pro. Instead of fearing competition, Meta would view this launch as a validation of its business and believe that Apple's Vision Pro can increase general public interest in this product category. And in terms of positioning, Meta would now like to offer its headsets as an equivalent of Android in the field of AR/VR.

It should also be noted that for the moment, the launch of Apple's mixed reality headset is going well. A week ago, analyst Ming Chi Kuo mentioned a stock shortage, just after the opening of pre-orders, since in a few hours, delivery times were extended. Furthermore, Apple should therefore have no difficulty selling the 500,000 units that it would have planned to produce. “However, as demand declines quickly after the initial stockout, it is essential to closely monitor demand in other markets and app updates to gauge how demand is changing”, nevertheless warned the analyst.

Meta is on an upward slope

In any case, the Meta group has definitely made a comeback. As a reminder, a year ago, it faced many challenges, including competition from TikTok, changes to iOS against advertising targeting, as well as investor skepticism regarding the billions of dollars spent in the 'AR/VR.

Today, the group is doing much better as it is returning to growth. In addition, the Meta group was able to quickly pivot towards artificial intelligence. And since Apple is also in AR/VR, Meta's investments to develop this technology will be called into question less and less.

  • Apple finally launches its Vision Pro headset and becomes a competitor to Meta in the AR/VR field
  • Meta managers, including Mark Zuckerberg, are said to be optimistic about the arrival of this new competition
  • Indeed, the Vision Pro would validate the AR/VR activity of the group, and could also increase the general public's interest in this type of product

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