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This Windows update will make video conferencing more bearable

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While calls and videoconference meetings save time by avoiding travel, they can sometimes be very annoying. Indeed, an interlocutor may have a poor quality microphone. Or, it can be moved away from its microphone, which creates a reverberation effect. It is also possible that the person you are chatting with is in a noisy environment.

In any case, if you have already been faced with one of these situations, know that Microsoft is testing a Windows update which will considerably improve the audio quality of calls. This feature is called Voice Clarity. It is already available on Surface computers, but soon, it will be accessible on other machines running Windows 11.

Microsoft has just launched testing of an update of Windows 11, which brings this new feature to all devices. “We're expanding Voice Clarity, available on Surface devices, and making it accessible to more people. Voice Clarity is a feature that enhances your Windows audio experience with cutting-edge AI technology. Powered by low-complexity AI models, Voice Clarity cancels echo, removes background noise, and reduces reverberation in real time,” says the voice firm. Redmond.

Available for all apps

Some app developers have already created their own solutions. But the advantage of Microsoft's is that it is integrated directly into the OS, which will, a priori, allow you to have a better experience, regardless of the app used. In addition, Microsoft specifies that this functionality will be available for both x64 machines and Arm64 machines (processors with Arm architecture).

In addition to WhatsApp-type applications, this functionality is also compatible with video games. Thus, players can expect a more pleasant audio experience when playing online games for PC. But for the moment, we do not know precisely when Microsoft will deploy this update on the stable version of Windows 11.

In any case, the firm is in the process of to test other new features, such as a new way to access photos and screenshots from the user's smartphone, from their PC. “We're also starting to gradually roll out a new feature for Windows that introduces the ability to effortlessly access and edit your most recent photos and screenshots from your device Android mobile in Snipping Tool on your PC. With this feature, you will receive instant notifications on your PC whenever a new photo or screenshot is taken on your Android device”, explains Microsoft, about this other new feature.

  • Microsoft is testing a new Windows 11 update with a AI that improves audio quality during video conferences
  • This eliminates background noise, echoes, as well as reverberations
  • At the same time, the company is also testing a way to quickly access photos and screenshots taken on Android from Windows 11

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