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How much have the prices of Netflix subscriptions increased since its arrival in France?

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Rebelote! Just less than two years after the last increase, Netflix is ​​doing it again. But this time, the pill is really having a hard time passing. The cause is prices that continue to soar as inflation hits homes around the world, but above all a catalog that appeals less and less.

Some will think that this discontent generates unsubscribes by the shovel. It is not so. According to the company's latest results, which fell on the same day as the announcement of the price increase, the platform continues to attract new users around the world.

Would the price rise just be a bad feeling? To take stock of these successive increases, we went back to the prices charged by Netflix when it launched in France in 2014. In fact, the bill is now much higher, particularly for subscribers to the Premium offer.

Netflix Premium: +8 euros per month (+67%)

Since its arrival in France, the Premium offer is the one that has seen the biggest increase.< /strong>The most comprehensive package allows you to watch films and series in very high definition on four different devices and download them.

Launched at 11.99 euros per month, this offer has seen successive increases, to due to a two-year gap. In 2017, Netflix Premium increased to 13.99 euros per month (+2 euros), in 2019 to 15.99 euros (+4 euros compared to the start) then 17.99 euros in 2021 (+6 euros). The new price increase reaches 19.99 euros per month, an increase of 8 euros compared to 2014.This represents a total increase of 67%!

Above all, the Premium offer had the advantage of being able to share your account with loved ones. But since the beginning of 2023, Netflix has banned this practice. You now have to pay 5.99 euros per month to be able to share your account with a third party not living in the same household.

Netflix Standard: +4 euros per month (+50%)

The Netflix Standard formula has also seen a very strong increase since its arrival in France. Offered at 8.99 euros per month, this offer now costs 13.49 euros per month. This price corresponds to the last increase made on this formula in 2021, after successive increases in 2015 (9.99 euros), 2017 (10.99 euros) and 2019 (11.99 euros).

Since the arrival of Netflix in France, the Standard offer has increased to 4 euros per month, an increase of 50%.However, the formula has not changed: it still allows content to be viewed on two devices at the same time in high definition.

Netflix Essential: +3 euros per month (+38%)

It has always been Netflix's most affordable subscription before the arrival of the ad-supported offer. And yet, the Essential offer could well disappear. Netflix has already removed it in Canada. In France, the company hides this formula from its page dedicated to prices. To access the Essential offer, you must now go to “other prices”.

In the meantime, the prices of the Essential offer are also increasing. Launched at 7.99 euros per month in 2014, it has already seen an increase: in August 2021 it increased to 8.99 euros per month.

It now costs 10.99 euros per month. i.e. an increase of 3 euros per month (+38%). For this price, you can access content on a single screen in HD quality (720p)… in 2023.

For comparison, Apple TV+ is offered at 6.99 euros per month for a shorter but also much more qualitative catalog.

How to pay less?

And if If you feel like favoring competition, know that some are also preparing to increase prices. If Amazon has already made its price increase on Prime Video, Disney+ will also drastically increase its prices very soon. At the beginning of November, a Disney+ subscription will cost 33% more.

In France, however, there are interesting offers to reduce the bill. Canal+, for example, offers a package for less than 40 euros per month bringing together the catalogs of Netflix Standard, Disney+, Apple TV+ and Canal+ with, as a bonus, live Canal+ channels.

For now, this offer does not suffer from any competition, but here again prices could quickly increase. The agreements signed between Canal+ and its partners will end in a more or less short time. There is no doubt that the French group will not absorb the increases from third-party platforms.

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