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Dear Netflix, thank you for these beautiful years but I don’t love you anymore

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Everything had started so well. Remember, it was in 2014. You had already been shining for some time on the other side of the Atlantic. Me, in France, I was impatiently waiting for you. When you arrived, I immediately fell for it.

You know me (do you finally know me?), I'm a fan of cinema and series. I would eat it with every meal, I could do that all my days. I'm bulimic. And here you are, arriving with your bags full of beautiful promises. There are series and films you want, just a click away (or remote control). It was love at first sight.

I didn't expect you to be perfect. Who is? But the main thing was there. After our work days, the two of us would get together, sometimes in groups. Very quickly, I invited you into the family. My parents loved you straight away, my brother too. And then meeting friends. The best people welcomed you with open arms.

You know as I do, the hardest thing is not falling in love but keeping that love alive. You knew how to keep the flame alive by renewing yourself regularly, surprising me with new series and films, sometimes with clumsiness (hello Marseille), often with panache (Family Business, Casa de Papel< /em>), sometimes to the point of ecstasy (Stranger Things). What a wonderful time!

“We had the ordinary pride of ‘the two of us are different’” sings Jean-Jacques Goldman. But we were no different. Very quickly, the routine set in. The surprises have become rarer. And then the doubts.

I wondered why this flame was no longer burning while that of the neighbor Canal+ was making everyone crack up. I sometimes looked away. Disney+, Apple TV+ and even Amazon Prime Video appealed to me. I shared a few evenings with them, as good friends, but I never felt the love that I feel for you. Faithful, to the end.

I always supported you, even in the face of those who kept telling me it was time to leave you. Some had taken this step, even if it meant (and I deplore it) going back to see their ex, piracy. I defended you, body and soul, even going public. I even published a video to say that illegal downloading was not a solution.

And then you continued with the filth. First with successive incomprehensible price increases. You were more demanding but nothing changed. Your catalog was no longer as attractive, the good surprises too rare.

Our neighbor Disney+, for example, demanded half as much as you but accepted my family, my friends and continued to keep the flame alive with 4K HDR displays and Dolby Atmos sound. Apple TV+ then arrived, with a catalog of remarkable quality. And you? Nothing. Always more demands, but nothing in return.

After almost 10 years, you are now telling me that you no longer want anything to do with my family or my friends. That if I still want us to share the good times of the past together, I will have to make even more sacrifices. And I pay the price, ever higher. Although, you know, life is far from easy in these times of crisis.

Our love has faded. This last requirement is too much. I loved you very much, and I thank you for these beautiful years. Maybe we'll see each other again from time to time around a good film or series when it comes out. A little nugget like Stranger Things, You, Sex Education or whatever. But I no longer love you enough for us to share our daily lives. I gave too much, waited too much, hoped too much.

I'm leaving you. It's not me, it's you.

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Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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