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How this state aid can help you save a lot of energy this winter

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In these difficult times when inflation is hitting Europe hard, France is not spared. Food, electricity or gas, automobiles, IT, prices are soaring. In this deleterious economic context, the government is trying a new strategy. Its name: “Plan Thermostat“. Its objective? Encourage the use of connected thermostats to avoid overconsumption of electricity due to heating homes.

Savings at your fingertips

As we wrote in this article, connected thermostats are no longer to be put in the gadgets category and can really help reduce a home's energy consumption. Some experts estimate that these savings can be up to 15%.

These are connected to your heating and constantly adjust the interior temperature of your home on their own, depending on several factors: time of day, weather or personal preferences. Some can even pair with your smartphone to optimize their operation thanks to a dedicated application.

To put it simply, it's no longer up to you to regulate your thermostat, but it's up to you to regulate your thermostat. ;is himself who will take care of the work. It will work in harmony with your routine, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Government support

Households equipped with this type of device are still in the minority, and the government wants to encourage their adoption. For this, there is no secret, you have to put money on the table. This is where the Thermostat Plan lies in part: financial aid.

For the acquisition of a connected thermostat, count on 100 to 300 euros, or even more for the most advanced models (600-1,500 euros). The installation is not done alone, and costs 200 euros alone. The government therefore plans to amortize up to 50% of the total amount of the bill depending on the household.

These subsidies will be accompanied by awareness campaigns about the different advantages of these thermostats. The government is also planning the training of specialized professionals to help people wishing to take the plunge. A global approach, which combines financial support and support for citizens.

However, the Thermostat Plan, as ambitious and advantageous as it is, does not fail to be criticized. It is criticized in particular for the possible environmental repercussions due to the manufacturing of these thermostats. Some observers also believe that financial incentives such as those proposed will not be enough to convince people to equip themselves. Scheduled to be implemented in 2024, this initiative is part of the government's new energy sobriety plan. Only time will tell if connected thermostats will become part of the landscape of our homes thanks to this new plan.

  • The government is launching the Thermostat Plan from 2024.
  • An initiative which aims to encourage households to equip themselves with connected thermostats to save energy.
  • For this, financial aid is provided for the acquisition and the installation of these devices.

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