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How to know when to change your car tires ? A 1 euro coin is enough

It is possible to know when to change worn car tires with a simple one euro coin.

Tires, like brakes, are essential for safety. of a car and therefore of its occupants. The sudden puncture of a tire on the road can lead to serious injury. a dangerous situation as it is not easy to control the trajectory of your vehicle, especially at high speeds. high speed, on a highway for example. So, it is best to check the wear of your tires from time to time. Few motorists do this even though some tire manufacturers advise checking them once a month and before each long journey.

To know if a tire is worn, you should measure the depth of the tread. The tread is the rubber part that comes into direct contact with the road. It is generally made up of grooves which help to adjust the structure. provide optimal grip on different road surfaces and in various weather conditions. On a classic new tire (we are not talking about winter or 4-season tires), the depth of the tread measures on average 8 millimeters. Automotive experts believe that a tire no longer adheres to the vehicle's surface. the road as soon as it no longer exceeds 1.6 millimeters. Vehicle control and braking distance are then greatly affected.

The right tool for measuring tread depth is the depth gauge. Many car owners don't have one, but there is a little trick to determine its wear and tear with a simple 1 euro coin. The golden part of this piece – the one which forms the border – measures 3 millimeters. When we insert it into a groove of the tire, we can know that the depth of the tread still exceeds 3 millimeters if the gold part is eacute;e is no longer visible. Conversely, if gold is used If something goes beyond rubber, it's time to think about it. replace the tire.

With this method, it is possible to check the wear of your car tires in a few seconds and easily. any time à provided you have a one euro coin in your pocket. A tire's tread is designed to shed water, snow or mud and to provide maximum vehicle traction while ensuring uniform tire wear. We remind you that in the event of a roadside inspection, driving with tires that are too smooth is punishable by a fine of up to &agrav; 135 euros. Better to use your small change to save money, and change your tires when necessary to ensure your safety. and that of other road users.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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