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The beneficiaries of the "car & 100 euros" had not been warned of the risk of fines they incurred.

Will some beneficiaries of social leasing regret their choice ? This new system, introduced into in force on January 1, 2024, allows the most modest households to access renting an electric car low cost. To be able to drive a Renault Twingo E-Tech for 40 euros per month (excluding insurance) or a Peugeot e-2008 for 149 euros per month (excluding insurance), in addition to the criteria of income, two conditions were imposed on customers: the duration of the rental of minimum 36 months and the limitation to 12,000 kilometers per year to avoid paying additional costs.

Beyond of being able to "offer" an electric car for a low rent, some of the lucky ones were perhaps told that they would have the possibility ; to make a little bit of money by subletting their vehicle. The initial decree published January 1st left the door open à such a practice since it was not stipulated nowhere was it prohibited. Only, on February 12,   the date of its publication in the Official Journal, decree n°2024-102 has seen a few additions, including one which could cool the designs of the smart guys.

We can notably read that it "prohibits the subletting of vehicles benefiting from leasing assistance during the period of validity of the rental contract." In other words, those among the 50,000 beneficiaries of social leasing in France who would like to scrape a few euros by subletting their car for more than it costs their cost would not be in compliance with the regulations. with the law. And in the event thatù they would try to circumvent it, they would expose themselves to danger. a very large fine.

The amount of this also appeared during the publication of the new version of the official decree: the subletting of a victory éelectric &àgrave; a third party in the context of social leasing will be punished with a fine of 1,500 euros. Enough to give pause to those who imagined they could start a business. And what would happen if a tenant decided to lend his car to a member of his family or à a friend ? The decree does not specify this, which suggests that the government wants above all that this aid system for the most vulnerable households modest – which costs 13,000 euros   state by rented vehicle – not be diverted; &agrav; for profit.

It is still important to remember that it is authorized to lend your car & a third person if they have a valid driving license and use the vehicle under the conditions provided for in the insurance contract. If you lend your car to a driver who is not mentioned in your contract, then the intervention of the insurance will be limited and the excess which will be applied to you risks of damage. ;be a major. Là also, the price à paying can be extremely high.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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