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The driving license is becoming paperless but only 1 in 4 French people can obtain it

“The driving license is becoming digital but only 1 in 4 French people can obtain it”

The digital driving license is accessible to everyone. all motorists since February 14. But in reality, many cannot yet claim it.

The digital revolution is more underway than ever. It particularly affects motorists since the announcement, on February 14, 2024, of the dematerialization of the driving license. After an experiment carried out in a few departments (Rhône, Hauts-de-Seine and Eure-et-Loir), the driving license number ;ric will be able to be generalized. &agrav; all drivers who have passed brilliantly their review of the road, whether forty years ago or just a few days ago. However, to transform your old piece of pink paper or your most recent laminated license into a new tool. (appeared in 2013) in digital format, it is already necessary to possess a document that many French people do not have, at least not yet.

The first step is to start with. carry out to obtain your driving license digitally is to install the France Identité on your Android Smartphone or iPhone. But to benefit from all the services of the application, which can be downloaded for free via Google Play and the App Store, you must first & You can scan your CNI on France Identité. Problem, only ID cards can be used. electronic devices, delivered by the French administration since the summer of 2019. 2021, allow it. Without this, it is impossible to access the different tabs of France Identité including the " Portefeuille ", designed to house identity documents. digital documents like…the driving license.

Today, around 25% of French people – or roughly 17 million – have an identity card; electronics, also called CNIe. In other words, the remaining 75% cannot have access to the data. all the features of France Identit&eac;. Among these, motorists therefore do not have the possibility of stopping. to take the steps required to obtain their digital driving license. You have understood it, to open all the doors of France Identité and convert your physical documents into a digital version, it is essential to have the famous identity card. electronic, more secure than the old one and designed to facilitate official administrative procedures.

How can we obtain it? You can carry out your procedures in any commune in France & provided that the town hall is equipped with a fingerprint collection device. You must first make an appointment with the administrative center of the municipality of your choice who will give you the list of documents to be requested. provide according to your personal situation. You can already do this! find this list on the official website of the French administration (https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F21090). Once the file has been submitted, the manufacturing time depends on the location and period of the request. It takes several weeks and, à As the summer holidays approach, delays may increase. The renewal of the identity card is free.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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