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How to obtain the new ID card in CB format for free

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You would like to change your identity card (CNI) to a more practical format? Since March 15, 2021, France has launched a new iteration of this more compact document and modern. This change is part of a modernization effort undertaken by the Ministry of the Interior, aimed at strengthening the security and convenience of this essential document.

This new format, in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2019/1157 of the European Parliament and of the Council, has become mandatory for all new CNI requests from August 2, 2021. The new CNI is distinguished not only by its reduced size but also by the introduction of several technological and security innovations, in particular an electronic chip containing the holder's fingerprints and his photograph, thus helping to fight more effectively against fraud and identity theft .

Here are the conditions to be entitled to a compact CNI for free

Possession of a valid old format CNI remains sufficient and no early renewal is in itself necessary. Cards issued before this reform will remain valid until their expiry date, benefiting from a 5-year validity extension granted in 2014 for cards initially valid for 10 years. Those whose CNI mentions an expiration in 2021, 2022, or 2023, and born before 1995, automatically benefit from a free renewal of their card with a new generation equivalent.

To request and obtain the new CNI for free, you must therefore enter one of the following cases: first request, renewal of the title expiring in less than 12 months, renewal following loss or theft, renewal for change of state civil or change of address. Apart from these cases, renewal of the document involves the compulsory purchase of a tax stamp for 25 euros which must therefore be attached to your request. Also note that in the event of theft, filing a complaint with the gendarmerie is essential – which also reduces the risk of identity theft.

Requests are centralized by regional platforms called centers of expertise and securities resources (CERT). The time to obtain your new document will be 7 days to 21 days on average. If you are making your request from abroad, contacting an embassy or consular representation is necessary. If you find yourself in a country where no diplomatic representation is present, you can contact the embassy or diplomatic representation of any member state of the country. European Union.

  • If you want an identity card in credit card format, it is possible, but depending on the circumstances you may be charged €25 in tax stamps.
  • In this file, we explain to you the conditions for obtaining the new CNI free of charge.
  • As well as the cases in which you will have to pay, without forgetting the terms and conditions for making your request in the best conditions whether you are in France, in another country of the European Union or even in a country which does not have a diplomatic branch French.

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