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Unsubscribing from a mailing list is now child's play on Gmail

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It was 20 years ago that Google launched its brand new software: Gmail. At the time, many thought it was a joke on Google's part. Why ? Because the Mountain View firm had chosen the date of April 1 to formalize this new service. Twenty years and a few hundred million users later, Gmail continues to evolve, with today the deployment of a small, very simple function, but which should make it easier for us life.

Gmail, a little option that changes everything?

For several months now, Google has been using the’ AI to optimize the user experience on Gmail. And in addition to a feature that aims to help write a message, Google has also worked on another function, this time aimed at making it easier to unsubscribe from certain newsletters.

< p>Indeed, if each sender of a newsletter is required to offer an option allowing them to unsubscribe, the latter is often “hidden”, and generally refers to a website, which sometimes requires to carry out an action to actually finish it. With Gmail, Google wants to simplify this process.

Unsubscribing from a mailing list is now child&#39;s play on Gmail

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Comment ? By offering a small button directly within Gmail that will allow you to unsubscribe in one click. The button, called Unsubscribe (or “Se Unsubscribe“) therefore allows Gmail to take charge of the procedure for deleting your name of a site's mailing list.

Note, however, that this function does not work for all e-mails, but it nevertheless covers a wide range of mailing lists, and can be (very) useful when you want to delete a large number of subscriptions at once.

Unsubscribing from a mailing list is now child&#39;s play on Gmail

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On the web version of Gmail, the button “Unsubscribe” may appear at the top of a message, alongside the sender's email address. On a smartphone, the operation simply requires clicking on the three small dots at the top right of the screen, and clicking on the button “Se Unsubscribe“.

Recall that this function has been present within Gmail for several months already, but that the latter has tended to become more widely available in recent weeks among more users, not to mention a button that can be is becoming more and more visible.

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