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How to properly place your hands on the steering wheel ? This fine will surprise many motorists

There is a way to position your hands correctly on the steering wheel to avoid risking a fine.

You too have memories, close or distant, of your driving instructor who constantly reminded you where to go. put your hands on the steering wheel during your first hours of driving ? The position of the hands à 10:10 a.m., who hasn't heard it? It must be said that it is recommended by the greatest automotive experts.

The hands are thus placed on the steering wheel as if you were looking at a clock, with the left hand at the right. the 10 o'clock position and the right hand & the 10 minute position. This grip allows precise control of the steering wheel while offering a good range of movement for making turns and maneuvers.

How to properly place your hands on the steering wheel ? This fine will surprise many motorists

But that's the theory. In practice, many motorists do not position their hands on the steering wheel as they have been taught. Is it serious? And above all, are there any risks if we drive a vehicle without having both hands on the steering wheel? ;? At no time does the Highway Code impose the manner of holding the steering wheel. Whether &agrav; two hands, &agrav; one hand or even without hands. So don't panic if you come across the police without respecting the famous hand position. 10:10 a.m., they have no way of fining you. However, certain situations may result in a fine.

Article R.412-6 of the Highway Code stipulates that “all drivers must constantly keep themselves in good condition and in the correct position”. ;execute conveniently and without delay all the maneuvers incumbent upon him." &Obviously, this does not prohibit you from taking your hand off the steering wheel to drink water or adjust the air conditioning, but if you come across a police officer or a policeman a little too zealous, a simple elbow the window may be enough to be stopped, especially in the event of driving considered dangerous (poor control of the vehicle's trajectory). A fine is provided for; this effect, 2nd class, which corresponds to a fine of 35 euros.

There is therefore no universal law which specifically requires drivers to have your hands on the steering wheel à any time. However, it is important to remember that keeping your hands on the wheel allows for better responsiveness. in the event of an emergency and better control of the vehicle in general. Safety recommendations Road safety regulations generally encourage drivers to drive safely. keep both hands on the wheel when possible, especially in driving situations requiring increased attention, such as on highways or during sharp and more dangerous turns.

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