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Too many motorists park in this space without knowing that they risk a fine of 135 euros

You can't park your car just anywhere. in town, at the risk of receiving a hefty fine.

A congested city center, that’s it! which looks like & a pleonasm. It must be said that new buildings are emerging as quickly as weeds and that cities are welcoming an ever-increasing population. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for infrastructure. In this regard, finding a place to park your car in urban areas sometimes seems like a difficult task. a real obstacle course. To make matters worse, paid spaces are eating up more and more space in cities to the detriment of free spaces. Nothing very surprising in the end to witness this event. an explosion of annoying parking spaces: on pedestrian crossings, on delivery spaces, on those reserved for cash transport…hellip;

There is another place where you can parking is just as punishable by law but undoubtedly much less known to motorists. You probably already have this idea. noticed, or have already noticed it made it yourself, that some streets are full of parked cars "& horse" on the sidewalks. Two wheels of the vehicle rest on the roadway, two others on the sidewalk, which gives the impression of not disrupting traffic too much. ;ocirc;té and to leave a passage wide enough to allow pedestrians to circulate on the other side. If some streets have special ground markings allowing such parking, often when the sidewalks are wide enough, most often this practice is completely illegal.

Too many motorists park in this space without knowing that they risk a fine of 135 euros

Car without specific marking, and except possible stoppedé municipal, it is prohibited to park on a sidewalk, even next to the street. horse with two wheels on the road, mainly because it reduces the space reserved for riding. to pedestrians. This practice can create dangers for them, forcing them to take action. walk on the road where they may be exposed to traffic. Considered As parking is very inconvenient under the Highway Code, this practice is severely punished by a 4th class fine. Many road users are unaware of it, but receiving a fine of 135 euros could well force them to take action. give up this bad habit!

To avoid such a disappointment, it is better to remember that in an urban area a vehicle can park along the sidewalk but not on the sidewalk, unless there are dedicated parking spaces for the student. For this purpose, most of the time paid or limited in time (blue disc). In the absence of ground markings, parking on the sidewalk, or just encroaching with two wheels on it, is therefore a very bad idea.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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