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Numerous fines without points being withdrawn, this “forgetting” benefits thousands of motorists

Thousands of motorists have recently benefited from this. of a computer bug so as not to lose points on their driving license.

Receive a signed letter of the National Automated Processing Agency infractions is never good news. It is this public establishment, assigned to &agrav; the fight against insecurity road traffic police, which manages the sending of all traffic tickets resulting from the traffic violation. Highway Code offenses committed in France. Except that since the end of last year there has been a failure in the computer system of ANTAI, also responsible for ;eacacute;collecting the payment of fines, benefits many motorists, according to France Info. Indeed, thousands of drivers have recently received fines in their mailboxes indicating the amount of the fine to be paid. pay but not the withdrawal of points inherent in the offense committed.

This "gift" is made à some motorists since the body based &agrav; Rennes has modified its computer software to adapt to your needs the new regulations concerning speeding of less than 5 km/h. Since January 1, 2024, speeding of less than 5km/h is no longer punishable by the loss of a point on the driving license but only by a fine of 68%. ;nbsp;euros. This new regulation has created a malfunction in the managed system by ANTAI. However, not all offenses are "exonerated" of the loss of points, which explains why some motorists benefit from this bug… and others do not.

Numerous fines without points being withdrawn, this “forgetting” benefits thousands of motorists

So, who benefits? Not those whose excess speed is between 5 and 20 kilometers/hour. These "small" Exceeding the authorized speed gives rise to a fine. classic fines on which the amount of the fine is clearly stipulated. pay – 68 euros – and withdraw one point. This is when the driver is flashed. &agrav; more than 20km/h above the speed limit the error occurs. We can then read on the official document received the mention "This offense does not result in the withdrawal of points on the driving license", a boon for the driver" #39;guilty motorist who therefore only finds himself responsible for the crime. to pay a fine. Please note that only the minutes drawn up at the discretion of the the suite of checks carried out by automatic radars are affected by this technical problem.

A big question now arises: will the Ministry of the Interior, with the help of ANTAI, will proceed with retroactive sanctions once the problem is completely resolved ? To do this he will undoubtedly have to embark on a long administrative battle even legal with very many motorists. With a little luck, those who slip through the cracks will never have points taken away that they should have earned. lose.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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