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This new sign is not there by chance, without it, this cool animal could disappear

It is to save the lives of a protected species that this new sign was installed. on the side of the roads.

Danger is everywhere on the road. Fortunately, road signs are there. to provide important information to motorists and thus ensure their safety. and that of other road users. We think in particular of signs indicating a dangerous bend, a steep slope, a work zone or even a passage à levels. All must encourage the driver à adapt your driving, often by slowing down, to avoid possible danger. These alarms have been designed to protect human life but not only. Signs indicating the possible crossing of wild animals also exist to save the lives of these animals.

At the sight of them, often around wooded areas, the driver must be particularly vigilant, and even more so at night, because an animal can appear at the sight of them. any time on the road. Most often, this panel takes the form of a deer drawn on the wall. in black in a white triangular panel surroundedé red. The deer can be replaced by a cow, a wild boar, a sheep and even a mounted horse. by a rider. But recently, a new animal has been given the right to take part. its own panel. In the town of Lamballe-Armor, in Brittany, two new traffic signs have just appeared on the road in order to avoid collisions between cars and an animal that was not found almost no longer in France in the 1980s.

This animal is the otter. Since he was' registered on the list of protected species in 1982 (and banned from hunting since 1971), its population has continued to decline. to grow, and we find more and more of them in the Côtes-d'Armor department. Unfortunately, the otter dies quite often when crushed on the roads, its 7 & 8 kilos not being the weight during an impact with a car of one ' two tons. This is to reduce the risk of collisions and protect this small freshwater mammal, whose life expectancy is ;jà quite short (5 years on average), that the municipality de Lamballe-Armor decided to to install two traffic signs at a place called Le Rivage, & Meslin.

Under the triangular sign indicating danger, and within which an otter wasé drawn, the message "otters crossing, be careful, slow down" was é added to attract the attention of motorists. The otter reaching maturity sexual" that around 2 or 3 years old, she has little time to reproduce. The small mammal most often has a single litter – two or three otters – during his life. Suffice it to say that they reproduce much more slowly than flies. D'où the importance of protecting them also on the road, so as not to see them disappear one day.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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