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How to view an Instagram story anonymously ?

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At a time when many people are showcasing their lives on social media, it's normal to sometimes be a little curious. However, a certain feature of Instagram shows which people are watching the stories by the author of them. If you wanted to watch a story discreetly, without the person necessarily knowing it, you've missed out. Well, that was before knowing this tip which allows you to view the stories of Instagrammers so that they cannot see who has viewed them.

How to view an Instagram story without being spotted?

How to view an Instagram story anonymously ?

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For that, no need to use strange tricks that work once out of ten such as switching to airplane mode, or keeping your finger pressed on the screen. No, just go to a StorieIG type site, allowing you to anonymously view stories on Instagram. All you need to do here is enter the name of the user whose story you are looking to view. Please note, however, that to be able to do this, the target person's account must be public. It is in fact impossible to use this method for a private account. Of course, always make sure to respect the privacy of users.

  • It is possible to watch Instagram stories anonymously.
  • To do this, simply go to an anonymous Instagram story viewing site like StoriesIG.< /li>
  • Provided that the targeted account is public, it will be possible to see stories there without the Instagram user being aware.< /li>

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