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Northern Lights: will we still be able to see them in France tonight ?

A solar storm has been hitting Earth since Friday, May 10. Northern lights were seen. seen throughout France. Will the phenomenon happen again this Sunday evening?

On the night of Saturday May 11 à On Sunday May 12, the Northern Lights were seen. observed in the French sky for the second consecutive night. It's a solar storm that's in its infancy. the origin.  She is particularly powerful, since she is at level 5, the highest level. On the second night, the Northern Lights were visible. less powerful than on the night of Friday May 10 à Saturday May 11. 

However, a new solar storm is heading towards Earth and should arrive this Sunday, May 12, as told on X (formerly twitter) by Eric Lagadec, an astrophysicist. >

A phenomenon that occurs every 11 years

Based on the specialized X account in space,  Xplora, the NOAA agency (American ocean and atmospheric observation agency) confirms that a new big solar storm is on the way: we should reach a new peak this Sunday. The intensity Geomagnetic storms will vary in intensity over time. but remains high: conditions are predicted at a minimum for a G4 storm (after ;vère) à G5 (extreme), the maximum". 

Indeed, a level 4 or higher vigilance notice has been issued. Issued for Sunday. It could therefore be possible to observe the northern lights tonight. Every eleven years, the Sun reaches its peak of activity. There are then solar flares which create auroras when #39;they reach the magnetic field of the Earth. The last time this phenomenon occurred, it's ;éwas in 2003. 

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