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Illegal rave party in Maine-et-Loire: a man is dead

The man was aged around thirty years old. He died of cardio-respiratory arrest this Sunday, May 12.

During the undeclared rave party which had been going on since Thursday Parnay, near Saumur, a man died this Sunday, May 12 in the morning, according to information from the Maine-et-Loire prefecture, in a press release.

Sunday, à Halfway through the day, the event ended. and the majority of participants left the site. There were 10,000 revelers according to the prefecture. They came from all over France. Local authorities were contacted. taken by surprise. A stop The prefectural government prohibited festive gatherings during this Ascension Bridge. When leaving the premises, each reveler was disappointed. pay a fine of 135 euros. 

No water or toilets

According to the prefecture, there was no drinking water or sanitation. This is' ;private agricultural land, located in vineyards near a wood. A temporary water point has been set up. installed by the authorities on Friday May 10, more than 24 hours after the start of the rave party. At least 200 people were ;té taken care of by rescuers and firefighters present on the site, 10 were taken care of. admitted à the hospital. "The work of law enforcement and emergency services has protected the city.' a red axis allowing the evacuation of emergencies, explained the prefecture on Saturday May 11. 

A judicial investigation was launched into the matter. opened by the prosecutor of the Republic of Saumur. "The identity&eac;[of the victim] n'a could not be “established”, according to sub-prefect Christophe Carole. Despite the very rapid intervention of the emergency services, the man died on the site.  

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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