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You have 3986 unread emails: why it can cost you ?

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If you are the type to leave thousands of messages lying around on your email address, the following will interest you. Matt Balogh, a researcher at the University of New England, was interested in this phenomenon in an article published in the journal Information Research. He returned to this study on the site The Conversation.

A very common practice

To see more clearly, the scientists interviewed more than 300 people regarding the personal management of their electronic documents. Most of the interviewees came from the following nations: the United Kingdom, the United States, Switzerland, Portugal and other countries.

With dematerialization, we receive more and more administrative documents online. For their management, it appears that Internet users leave these elements lying around in their email boxes. And less than half of them back them up to cloud services or their computers.

Matt Balogh therefore points to a very specific danger:

The people interviewed as part of our study reported issues such as canceling vehicle registration, failing to cancel unwanted subscriptions, and overlooking deductions tax because it was too difficult to find receipts.

This phenomenon results in other very unpleasant consequences such as as late payment of fines. Researchers therefore estimate that this could cost several hundred euros each yearto interested parties. Conversely, all those who opted for cloud services such as Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox declared themselves much more satisfied with the management of their administrative documents.

Tips to see things more clearly

The authors therefore suggest several common sense tips for better managing your email inbox and taking better care of digitized administrative papers. In particular, it is advisable to classify your emails by categories. You should also save your documents to folders in the cloud or locally on your computer (although this method is also risky).

To not forget to carry out an administrative process, the use of a calendar or diary is also valuable. Finally, to see things more clearly, consider deleting spam and unsubscribing from email lists that you don't use.

What it is important to remember:

  • Overloaded e-mail boxes are a very common phenomenon
  • Many Internet users use these services to store their administrative documents
  • This is a bad idea, and it is better to adopt other reflexes

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