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Hunger Games: a sequel is possible, but on one condition< /p> © Lionsgate

Fans of the Hunger Games saga only have a few weeks to wait before the release of the prequel The Ballad of the Serpent and the Songbird. It is in fact on November 15, 2023 that this new part will be released in French cinemas. In the meantime, director Francis Lawrence is in the middle of a promotional tour.

Possible sequels, but…

He was actually questioned by our colleagues from EW on the possibility of seeing him direct another Hunger Games film. The filmmaker set one main condition: everything depends on the creativity of Suzanne Collins, the author and creator of the saga:

If Suzanne has another thematic idea that she deems suitable for the world of Panem – whether it's new characters or familiar ones – I would be interested in participating.

He adds: “What are the thematic underpinnings that make this worth telling? The first stories were all about the aftermath of the war. The last film deals with the state of nature. This is what makes them rich, and this is why they have stood the test of time.”

We would like to add to his remarks that a financial aspect will probably come into play in the studio's choices. Indeed, it is hard to imagine, if the film is a hit at the box office, that there would be no sequel. It is, however, true that all of Suzanne Collins' novels have been adapted and it would therefore be necessary to write a new, original screenplay, which could prove complicated.

As a reminder, the tone of the next feature film promises to be somewhat different from the first films. Recently, Franis Lawrence talked about a highly anticipated scene: “The opening of the games is called “the bloodbath” and that's exactly what she (Rachel Zegler, the main actress Editor's note) had to do immediately. She left the set with bruises almost every day, but her qualities as a fighter showed through.”

This more mature and adult tone would be quite a welcome change, although it will take sure check on piece. For your part, will you go see this Hunger Games prequel in the cinema? Tell us in the comments.

The takeaway:

  • The Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence is open to the idea of ​​sequels
  • However, he wants the author of the saga, Suzanne Collins, to find a good idea to explore
  • For the moment, no new Hunger Games book is not announced

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