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Apple's October surprise is back in the news

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A week ago, we relayed a rumor which mentioned the possible launch of new iPads this October. But ultimately, instead of launching new iPads, Apple simply launched a new Pencil and an eSim version of an existing iPad for China. However, if the launch of these new iPads did not take place, the Cupertino company would be preparing another surprise.

Indeed, in a new newsletter, Mark Gurman, journalist at Bloomberg, discusses the possible launch of a new iMac before the end of the month. This source, which is generally very well informed, is based on the fact that Apple plans to present its quarterly results on November 2. The presentation of these results is normally done in October and the only time Apple presented its results in November was in 2018, just after the launch of new iPads and new Macs.

In a previous newsletter, Gurman ruled out the possibility of new iPads arriving this November. On the other hand, according to him, the firm should launch a new iMac. Indeed, the last time the firm brought something new to this range was in 2021. But obviously, as this information is not official, caution remains in order. The good news is that we will be able to confirm (or not) this information in a few days. According to Gurman, Apple will present this new iMac on October 30 or 31. The presentation will be followed by the announcement of quarterly results on November 2.

Artificial intelligence: where is Apple?

Otherwise, Mark Gurman's newsletter also includes information interesting about Apple's progress in artificial intelligence. While Amazon, Google, Meta and Microsoft are increasing their announcements related to generative artificial intelligence, Apple is quite discreet on the subject.

Its CEO Tim Cook simply indicated that Apple has been working on this technology for a while, but without revealing more. Behind the scenes, Apple has already developed a large language model that it will test internally. Currently, the firm is evaluating this artificial intelligence (compared to the competition) and studying ways to offer it on its products. In any case, Apple's model should help improve SIri. And Gurman corroborates rumors that the new version of Siri powered by generative AI could arrive next year. But Apple should also integrate its generative AI into as many applications as possible, as Google and Microsoft are doing.

Apple engineers would also debate the best way to deploy this artificial intelligence. On the one hand, if AI works on the cloud, this would allow for more advanced functions. However, if the AI ​​runs locally on the user's device, it would be faster and better protect privacy. Apple could also adopt a hybrid solution, with an AI that only partially exploits the cloud.

  • Rumors have mentioned the launch of new iPads this October, but this launch ultimately did not take place
  • On the other hand, Apple would prepare the launch of a new iMac before the presentation of its quarterly results on November 2
  • At the same time, the firm continues to work on its generative artificial intelligence

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