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Hurry up to take advantage of this PS5 pack at a knockdown price with 3 big games!” /></p>
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  • The PS5 Standard
  • Three games in the pack, to start playing directly
  • The new Marvel& #8217;s Spider-Man 2 includes
  • At the moment, FNAC is offering you a completely crazy pack including the PS5 with three games and a DualSense controller, while the pack would cost you more than 700 euros if you buy all of this individually. This pack therefore offers you the PS5 Standard Edition, the ultimate model, with its 4K Blu-Ray player, allowing you to play your physical games and digital games. You also have a DualSense controller, as well as three games with the very latest Marvel Spider-Man 2, the PS5 exclusive, as well as the latest Assassin&#8217 ;s Creed Mirage and the famous GTA V.

    The PS5 Standard pack with three games and a DualSense controller is available at a low price on the FNAC website. To take advantage of the offer, click here:

    With FNAC, you can benefit from completely free and fast delivery anywhere in France to the address of your choice. On top of that, you can even opt for (free) delivery to a FNAC store near you.

    Your PS5 comes with a two-year manufacturer's warranty that protects you against design issues and possible breakdowns.

    PS5: the ultimate pack for maximum entertainment

    FNAC is completely bursting at the seams to get this month of November off to a good start. Discover this crazy pack with the PS5 Standard Edition, the ultimate PS5 allowing you to play with your physical PS4/PS5 games, as well as with your digital games.

    The PS5 is Sony's latest console that allows you to play the best games in 4K and up to 120FPS (provided that the games are compatible and you have a 120Hz television).

    The PS5 Standard is equipped with a 4K Blu-Ray player that allows you to play physical games and watch movies and series on Blu-Ray. This is the best model to date since with the standard PS5, you have the choice between playing with physical games, or with digital games (which you can purchase directly via your PS5 from the PlayStation Store). The PS5 is a retro compatible console, so you can play all your PS4 games. Here again, it will be possible to play it physically or digitally.

    On the technical side, the PS5 is a powerful next-gen console equipped with a 10.28 Tflops GPU and 36CUs at 2.3 GHz, which also has 8 Zen 2 Cores at 3.5 GHz (variable) with 16 GB GDDR6 of RAM.
    If you are equipped with an 8K TV, it will even be possible to discover incredible video experiences in this resolution. Unfortunately, no games are currently offered in 8K resolution.

    This PS5 is powerful and very fast thanks to its magical 825GB SSD. With this SSD, you will say goodbye to loading times in your games, as well as menus that drag, and the console that slows down. Everything goes very quickly, applications and games launch instantly!

    As always, the pack contains a DualSence controller. This controller alone represents the new generation with its haptic feedback, its adaptive triggers as well as its 3D audio which will revolutionize the way you play.

    With this pack you can enjoy three great games with everything latest Marvel Spider-Man 2 to discover the new adventures of Peter Parker and Miles Morales in a New York city more real than ever.

    It will be possible to take a leap in time by discovering the age gold from Baghdad in Assassin's Creed Mirage with Bassim, a thief who will join the Assassin's Brotherhood to divert a Templar plot aimed at sowing chaos.

    Finally, a must-have with GTA V, the latest opus of the famous license which invites you to discover the adventures of Michael, Franklin and Trevor in the caricatured city of Los Santos. For even more fun, extend your adventure with GTA Online for limitless online stories with your friends.

    If all that isn't enough, you will be able to sign up for PlayStation Plus. PS Plus is a subscription service (blood commitments) from Sony which allows you to access numerous advantages such as:

    • access to more than 450 unlimited games (games PS5, PS4, PSP, PS3, PS2 and PS1)
    • exclusive discounts
    • cloud storage for your game saves
    • access to online multiplayer o
    • access to limited-time trials allowing you to test games before purchasing.

    Thanks to this you will have access to hundreds of hours of unlimited games. But if that's not enough, you can always download your favorite applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, YouTube, Twitch or even MyCanal and Apple TV+ to discover your favorite films, series and documentaries!

    En At this moment, FNAC is sacrificing this PS5 pack with a DualSense and three games with a nice discount. The pack is priced at . This is a great offer to grab now!

    The PS5 Standard pack with three games and a DualSense controller is available at a low price on the FNAC website. To take advantage of the offer, click here:

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