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Invincible: why the series is very different from Marvel and DC ;?

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After a very popular season 1, Invicible is back this Friday, November 3 on Amazon Prime Video. Robert Kirkman, creator and executive producer of the series, did not fail to promote this sequel. During an interview with Variety, he notably returned to the differences between this fiction and other superhero universes such as Marvel and DC Comics.

Invincible assumes the oddities of the comics

Robert Kirkman thus explains  :

One of the mystery ingredients of Invincible is that we take everything from superhero comics. There's a cherry-picking that happens with the MCU, where they erase certain aspects to make everything as realistic as possible. For example, you will never see Robert Downey Jr. chatting with a fish in the MCU. For me, it's the basis of the comics, you know that there was an issue of Superman where he had to marry a mermaid.

The filmmaker is also back on the concept of multiverse dear to Marvel: “The only thing I would say is that what we do is a little different. We use the multiverse to examine Mark's character and the aspects of his personality that we are not yet aware of. This is more of a character-driven story. We don't have the luxury of bringing Invincible from a famous cartoon from the 1990s. If we did, we probably would.”

< p>He is referring here to Angstrom Levy, the antagonist who will be present in season 2. The latter is capable of traveling in the multiverse, and this should make the story even more interesting.

Remember that Robert Kirkman has already announced that “the second season is devoted to Mark's worry, who fears becoming his father“. Mark must face the truth about who his father really was. He also clarified: “We will use the multiverse to show different outcomes [from previous choices], but not to bring new versions of the characters”.

Find out more on season 2 of Invincible, you can refer to our very comprehensive article on the subject. For your part, do you like this series, and if so why? Tell us in the comments.

The takeaway:

  • Robert Kirkman talks about what sets Invincible apart from Marvel and DC
  • He believes that the latter try too hard to place superheroes in the real world
  • On the contrary, he accepts the oddities present in the comics

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