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«I love and this is the most important thing!»: Oleksiy Sukhanov about personal life during the great war


Aleksii Sukhanov, host of the talk show “The whole country is talking” (1+1 Ukraine), which called Russia a country to be demolished, started shooting in the second season of the project. Oleksiy says that even during the summer break he did not allow himself to rest, but was busy helping the Ukrainian military. In an exclusive interview with FACTS. Oleksiy talked about his new love, his most desired dream and his hatred for Russians.

"This is the last chance to fix the situation»

— You started a new season of the social TV project. To what extent is it necessary now, during the war?

Surely, a social talk show on the background of war acquires completely different meanings. War — this is the last chance for us to correct the situation, to reset the brain in a such a way that our country becomes truly European and civilized. So that all of us realize that we are responsible for every step we take.

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— Is there some story from «The whole country is talking» that still doesn let you go?

To be honest, all the stories don't let me go. Especially when I'm on the set, because only immersion in the story can give the desired effect to our heroes, give them the opportunity to look at themselves from the side and work out mistakes. I chose this tactic: I faithfully understand each story on the set, I give the hero the opportunity to listen, draw conclusions, ask himself questions, so that when he returns home, he will try to change his life. We had many situations when our team played an important role. One of them — a story about a girl “Cinderella” who had a curvature of the spine. Her father did not let her go to rehabilitation, which she needed very much. He threatened to kill a volunteer who turned to us for help. After our program, the team turned to social workers and they forcibly sent the child to treatment.

«I love and this is the most important thing!»: Oleksiy Sukhanov on personal life during the great of war

— Do you meet with your heroes off the set?

–< em>This happens and  I remember the girl whom we saved from bulimia: I met her, and already, thank God, her eyes are smiling. It is a great happiness when you really understand that you have helped. It happens that stories are sent, for example, about little Sasha, whose life we ​​saved. Now he is in a loving family. A child who lived in a shed and was bullied now speaks three languages, plays music and takes part in concerts. It is happiness when you feel involved in such.

"I want my retirement to be happy"

— In the summer, you had a short break between seasons. Did you  manage to rest, reboot?

— I think that it even sounds sinful: reboot, rest… I don don know how who but my always have our boys and girls who are now on the front lines in my mind. And let it sound too pathetic, but it is. They don't have time to rest there, so I think we probably can't have such an opportunity to go somewhere and rest. Yes, I don't argue, we can go to our favorite restaurant, the theater, a concert or go somewhere with our loved ones for the weekend. There's nothing wrong with that, but a vacation… I do not allow myself to do this.

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— When was the last time you were in Jurmala, where do you have an apartment?

— Several months ago, when I was on a business trip, then  looked into the apartment on a day off to see how she was doing. Of course, I would go to the apartment that I love so much, but rules are rules.

— What gives you strength in these difficult times?

Everything lies on the surface, to be honest: I save myself from overwork at home. Hugs, kisses, love. I appreciate my friends, with whom I try to meet as often as possible. The circle of communication has become extremely limited. I think that many people do, but these people, who are still around, give an incredible feeling of warmth, comfort and love. I don't hold back: I hug, say nice things, and it comes from the bottom of my heart. And one person — i love This is the most important thing!

I know that victory will be for Ukraine, I know that the country has a big, bright future, which we are creating right now. There won't be a reboot after the war, everything won't get better right away, it doesn't happen that way. The foundation must be prepared, so all those who are now in the rear should do it now. We don't just go to work and get paid. We brick by build the wall which, in the end, should become a fortress and which will protect us and our children. I want my retirement to be happy and life in our country too.

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«That rush has gone!»

—&nbsp ;Does it happen that depression sets in?

— We are all living with depression now, unfortunately. What is my advice? Just love! If there's a attraction to make someone and you say a kind word, this is my life hack. Sometimes, I want to send it somewhere far away, and I take a full chest of air and say: “Good afternoon!” At first, a person is confused, and then all this negativity disappears somewhere. As long as we don't learn to respect each other, we won't change for the better. If you want to be respected, you must respect others, because there is no one-way game. We have to correct this moment in ourselves and be human beings first.

«I love and this is the most important thing!»: Oleksiy Sukhanov on personal life during the great war< /p>

— Until 2014, you lived and worked in Russia. Are there any connections with someone?

I  insist that my short answer with the excuse of my former friends and relatives in the Russian Federation be included in the interview: "N***y, that country is gone! . As long as we look there, nothing will happen! In Ukraine is your life, present, future. It has enough traditions and culture to never look back there. We also should not have diplomatic relations with Russia, even after victory. We must arm ourselves, maintain our army, it must be powerful.

At each historical stage of its development, Russia “rotted” absolutely everything! As a person who was born there, I will say that we must not give them any more opportunity, because then we will pay for the lives of our children. We have to break away once and forever! I believe that in Ukraine should be created from nail to rocket production, because in Ukraine there is only one true friend — it is Ukraine itself and every Ukrainian. Only in this way can we ensure a safe, peaceful life for the next generation. from nightmares»: Kateryna Buzhynska about trials during the war

— In the times, when you still lived in Russia, you felt dislike for Ukrainians?

— She has always been in Russian Federation  Let's remember the Soviet cinema: the Ukrainian was always depicted as some kind of weirdo, fool, loser. When one nation necessarily dominates others — an entire empire was built on this. For Russia, all these "fraternal" countries are just stepdaughters. During Soviet times, it was a contemptuous, ironic attitude, then all this took hostile forms.

— Do you think will Ukrainians ever forgive the Russians?

— Forgiving is not possible! I do not call to live in hatred, just to delete and forget about the existence of Russia. The Russians flooded Ukraine with blood, destroyed lives, and now they are destroying Ukrainians. How to forgive?! They made it so that some Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes and settle in Europe and America. it's a triple whammy. The longer this war lasts, the greater the percentage of those who will not return, because and the children have already settled there, and are adults. Ukraine is being destroyed from all sides, and you are talking about forgiveness. This will not  happen.

— What besides our victory do you dream about?

About life in happy Ukraine. To go out on a May morning to your favorite coffee shop, take a cup of coffee, sit on the terrace and watch the city come to life, wake up, people go to work, children go to school. And in the evening to watch how people enjoy life, admire, kiss, walk with their beloved streets, where happiness, respect, and responsibility reign. There should be a principle that not a person for the state, but a state for a person, this is what I dream about.

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