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Oleksandr Leschenko, “FACTS”

After a loud scandal due to the connections of some participants of “Miss Ukraine-2023” with Russian oligarchs and false information about themselves, the organizers of the competition announced a cardinal decision. The ethics commission checked the facts and drew conclusions. In the end, three scandalous participants were disqualified.

This is stated in the official statement. However, the names of these participants and the real reasons are not mentioned in the message.

"We have carefully investigated all the issues that have been raised by the public in the last few days. Based on results of research conducted by a special ethical group, we inform you that the mentioned unethical facts regarding the contest participants, unfortunately, have been confirmed. Therefore, the committee is forced to exclude three participants from the competition», — says the official statement.

Disqualification and refusal to participate: the scandal surrounding "Miss Ukraine" is gaining momentum

As the blogger and showman Andrii Luzan announced earlier, Ksenia Magera, who lives in Dubai, visited the restaurant of the Russian oligarch Arkady Novikov, was seen in the Kremlin and did not write a single word. about a full-scale invasion.

Iryna Pilyaeva was recently spotted on vacation together with Russian oligarch Oleksandr Orlov, who is called the co-owner of the contest.

Kateryna Chuvashova from Dnipropetrovsk Oblast's father worked for the FSB of the Russian Federation and leaked information about the positions of our military. In addition, after the scandal, some participants began to refuse to participate in the competition. This was announced by the representative of the Lviv Oblast, Viktoriya Makarova. She stated that she does not want to have anything to do with people who have ties to Russia.

"I made a decision not to participate in the competition. Unfortunately, I did not know who would be among the participants, the information that appeared on the Internet is shocking and unacceptable to me. My moral principles and dignity are more important. I don't want to have anything to do with people who are in any way connected with Russia or who keep silent about the genocide of the Ukrainian people, — said Makarova.

Disqualification and  refusal to participate: the scandal surrounding "Miss Ukraine" is gaining momentum

Polina Surai did the same.

«But these plots with Russian oligarchs have nothing to do with my dream. One of the main requirements stipulated in the contract with the competition is to in no way support or be associated with Russia. But, apparently, this rule is an exception for some contestants», — Polina wrote in social networks.

Disqualification and refusal to participate: the scandal surrounding "Miss Ukraine" is gaining momentum

We will remind you that at the  beauty contest "Miss Universe" Ukraine was represented by Victoria Apanasenko. The representative of our country won the national costume contest for the first time.

In February 2023, Victoria got married. She does not advertise her personal life.

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