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Popular singer Alyosha, wife of the leader of the band “Antitila” Taras Topoli, who recently returned from the USA to Ukraine with her three children, was surprised by unexpected changes in her life. She stated that after much thought, she decided to change her stage name. According to the artist, she decided it finally, the issue is only in a new pseudonym and in time. Because the re-registration procedure is quite difficult.

"I am sitting and thinking about the fact that many fans, many supporters of mine have been in love with me for a long time, write gently and gently:„And would you like to change your nickname?” . I think about it and have been thinking about it for quite some time. It will be quite a difficult process. I did decide that this must be done», — shared Alyosha.

She doesn't  hide it, doesn't  yet  know under which name she will perform. So we asked for help from supporters to advise their options.

"But I have a question! What to change Alyosha to? This  question is probably the most difficult yet. Therefore, I ask for your help. Suggest, outline your ideas, how would you like to hear the singer who is now in front of you? With what name did you want to hear her  Stage name?» — asked the singer.

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Subscribers actively responded in comments. Their opinions were divided. Some believe that there is no need to change anything, because this is already history, an image that fans have come to love. Others advise not to invent anything, but to speak under your own name — Olena Topolya. They also offer to be called Oleksia, Oleksa, TOPOLENA, Topolka.

We will remind, recently Alyosha together with the artist Emigrant presented a joint clip “Strength of Ukraine”. (The power of Ukraine).

Previously, Taras Topolya, who served as a combat medic at the front, frankly answered whether he is ready to return to the ranks of defenders.

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