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If you want to buy a graphics card, don't wait too long, it's likely that their prices will rise again

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You remember the shortage of graphics cards which caused prices to shoot up to completely aberrant thresholds? While the situation was slowly returning to normal, it could well be that prices for PC components will skyrocket. This time, it is the USA that we will have to look at to understand the reasons. It hurts, even more so when we know the rumors about potential price increases planned at NVDIA.

Customs taxes are making a comeback

Next June 15 will markthe renewal of customs taxes hitting the importation from China of graphics cards, motherboards and computer cases transported to the United States. This resurgence is a continuation of the trade war between Washington and Beijing, initiated during the Trump era. These customs duties will be established at a quarter of the value of taxable goods, and will remain in effect until May 31, 2025.

Once this deadline has passed, the reigning Biden administration, or that of Trump if the polls were again favorable to it, will then position to extend or repeal these taxes. The risk of seeing the price of PC components rise again is high. So, if you were thinking of building a tower or buying a ready-made PC, you know what you have to do.

The US being one of the largest markets in the world, global prices will inevitably be influenced. Moreover, by domino effect, suppliers and manufacturers, seeing the increase in prices across the Atlantic, could be tempted to follow this trend.

The industry is fighting back

These measures have not failed to provoke an uproar of reactions. The titan HP made the following statement: “These tariffs are a tax on American businesses, American innovation and American consumers .”

The Semiconductor Industry Association has also expressed his disapproval in a letter addressed to the United States Trade Representative (USTR, the equivalent of the General Directorate of the Treasury in our country) in February  : ' China is the main source of spare parts such as PCBAs [printed circuit board assemblies], switching devices, power supplies, electrical connectors and cables ”.

Global dependence on Chinese production of electronic components is, indeed, a key factor in the current structure of supply chains. Rapidly transitioning to other sources of supply is far too complex, if not strictly impossible, without disrupting markets and increasing costs for consumers.

The objective pursued by the American authorities is to reduce the subjugation to Chinese production (and of course to weaken it), by encouraging manufacturers to diversify their supply chains. This strategy has already led some companies to turn to other countries such as India or Vietnam, such as Apple, Samsung, Dell or Microsoft. However, this transition is still accompanied by arduous logistical challenges and, inevitably, a surge in prices for certain electronic devices.

The discount en route American taxes, aimed at weakening the Chinese economy, will necessarily have an impact on the prices of components throughout the world. So take advantage of the current prices before it's too late!

  • On the 15th June, American customs taxes on certain PC components from China reappear.
  • These will remain in force until May 2025.
  • The industry has deemed this measure counterproductive, since global prices will inevitably be impacted.

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