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Image generative AI: when Meta does better than ChatGPT

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The large AI arena welcomes a formidable opponent: Meta AI. Its latest update, including the advanced language model Llama 3. Even if it is not yet available in France, Meta is now a very serious competitor against its long-time adversary, OpenAI and its famous chatbot ChatGPT. Others, like Copilot from Microsoft or Gemini from Google, also have reason to tremble. Especially since Meta AI integrates a unique functionality that sets it apart from the others: instant generation of images.< /p>

As soon as written, as soon as generated!

The highlight of Meta's new announcements has a name: Imagine, an image generation toolcurrently available in beta version to certain WhatsApp users and on the web. This new feature allows users to generate images via a text prompt, like DALL-E 3 from OpenAI. The big difference is that Imagine is able to create the image as the user types their descriptive text.

While using DALL-E through the interface of the paid version of ChatGPT requires a little loading time to finalize the # 8217;image created, here, the image changes with each added word. As you can see in the video below, the process is quick and provides quite convincing images.

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Towards global deployment

The big advantage for Meta is that its product will be integrated in its ecosystem of platforms with billions of users. At the moment, Meta AI is not available everywhere, but only in a few countries: United States, Canada, Australia, Jamaica, Ghana, New Zealand, Malawi, Pakistan, Nigeria, South Africa , Singapore, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Note that the prompts currently only work in English.

However, Imagine is for the’ currently restricted to the American market, but there is no doubt that the company will extend it to other markets, including Europe. For those wanting to deepen their understanding of Imagine's technology, Meta released an online document on April 18. A novelty which should shake the world of generative AI, to which the American giant's competitors will have to respond seriously to stay in the race.

  • Meta has deployed its new tool, Meta AI, to compete with all the big names in artificial intelligence.
  • Meta AI integrates the new Llama 3 language model, as well as a new feature, Imagine. This is an image generator that reacts live with user prompts, without loading time.
  • For the moment, Meta AI is only available in certain countries and Imagine is US-only, but Meta is certainly preparing to roll it out globally.

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