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The update everyone has been waiting for arrives on a flagship Apple app

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Four new features for the Calculator app could be presented by Apple during the Worldwide Developer Conference. Leaks relayed by our colleagues from iPhon.frthus suggest that the design of the interface would be revised from top to bottom. Additional features would also be planned, again according to the same source. To be sure, you will have to turn to the WWDC opening keynote scheduled for June 10 at 7 p.m. (Paris time). The event is expected to last approximately one to two hours. We will discover not only iOS 18, but also iPadOS 18 or even tvOS 18 and watchOS 11.

In all likelihood, however, these future new features of the Calculator app will be reserved for Macs. It's probably the update to macOS 15, the name of which remains to be confirmed, which should allow you to benefit from the makeover. The list of devices that will be compatible with this version has not been communicated at the moment, but should also be communicated during the Apple conference. It is very likely that iMac M1, iMac M3, MacBook Air M1, MacBook Air M2, MacBook Air M3 and all MacBook Pros available new in stores today are compatible.

Long-awaited features are coming to Calculette

According to rumors, Calculette should also allow&# 8217;access a new history of calculations carried out in the past. This interface would take the form of a secondary pane installed to the left of the encrypted buttons, which would, moreover, become circular to match the appearance of the iOS client of the same tool. Today, these are square.

At the same time, we learn that Calculator should feature new integration with another native Mac app, namely Notes. It should thus be possible to display mathematical operations directly in a sticky note. However, no screenshots have been published to prove these claims; these therefore remain to be considered with caution with the official announcement.

With this, know that Calculator should also revisit how we perform length, temperature and area conversions. Finally, the editor would also offer us to resize the application window as we wish.

Still no Calculator app on iPad? AI to the rescue

These new Calculator features on Mac remind us of everything just as no version of the platform exists on iPad, for the moment. However, many other Apple devices are equipped with it, and it is even possible to perform mathematical operations orally by calling on the voice assistant Siri. Also proprietary in design, it could also be updated during the Worldwide Developer Conference. Excellent news, given that Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant often do much better today.

On macOS 15 and iOS 18, Siri should benefit from a new major partnership with one of the major players in the AI ​​ecosystem. OpenAI or Google are thus expected to improve the answers provided by Apple's artificial intelligence, thanks to algorithms perhaps more efficient than that designed among others by Luc Julia.

Apple is now worth nearly three trillion dollars. The company should make macOS 15, iOS 18 and watchOS 11 available to developers in beta version on the evening of June 10. The advanced edition dedicated more to the general public is expected, for its part, in July. It will not be until September that the final versions, less prone to bugs, should be published. Deployment is generally global and simultaneous, among all users around the world. Provided, of course, that you have an internet connection.

  • L’app Calculator would be seriously updated with macOS 15
  • A new history of calculations carried out by the user is expected
  • < li>It should also be possible to resize the app, very soon

  • The new design of Calculator would be reminiscent of that of the iOS app eponym

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