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Image of Joe Biden tied up posted by Trump sparks outrage

Photo: Matt Kelley Associated Press US President Joe Biden in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Tuesday. His opponent Donald Trump published a video on his Truth Social network on Friday where an image could be seen showing Joe Biden tied hands and feet.

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The campaign team of US President Joe Biden on Saturday accused Donald Trump of inciting “political violence” after the Republican published a video showing an image of the Democrat tied up.

“This image of Donald Trump is the kind of bullshit you post when you call for a butchery,” a Joe Biden campaign spokesperson blasted in a statement on Saturday, referring to recent comments from the Republican.

“Trump regularly incites political violence and it is time for people to take him seriously,” added the spokesperson, recalling that Mr. Trump’s first term ended with an assault on the Capitol by hundreds of his supporters.

The former president published a video on his Truth Social network on Friday showing two cars driving, decorated with several flags and stickers supporting Donald Trump.

On the trunk of the second vehicle, a pickup, an image appears showing Joe Biden tied hands and feet.

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A publication condemned by the Democrat's team, which sees it as a new example of the increasingly violent rhetoric of the candidate in the November presidential election.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump, who have already faced each other at the polls in 2020, are guaranteed to win the nomination of their respective parties this summer for this election.

Donald Trump's campaign team brushed aside the accusations.

Democrats “have not only called for despicable violence against President Trump and his family. They are weaponizing the justice system against him,” said his spokesperson Steven Cheung, referring to the legal cases in which the Republican is being prosecuted.

Known for his provocative language, Donald Trump has made numerous untimely statements and invectives in recent months.

He claimed that the American economy would be “a butchery” if he was not re-elected, accused migrants of “poisoning the blood” of the country, or even promised to “eradicate communists, Marxists, fascists and thugs of the radical left”, calling them “vermin” – comments which caused astonishment among his opponents.

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