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IMAX, lamp... this brand overturns preconceived ideas about video projectors

The XGIMI Aladdin © XGIMI

If you don't want to clutter up your living room too much, but at the same time want to benefit from an XXL image experience, like Home Cinema, then installing a video projector is essential. Nowadays, we find very discreet models, sometimes with a particularly short setback which allows them to hide the video projector and soundbar in a compact format.

However, some brands innovate more than others, and in this little game, the Chinese XGIMI excels like no other. The brand presented new projectors on the sidelines of CES 2024 that push the limits of the genre into new lands. First quite incredible model, the Horizon Max promises, in an ultra-compact format, IMAX image quality, auto-adjustment of brightness and other cutting-edge features, such as its integrated gimbal system.< /p>

XGIMI innovates this year at CES 2024

IMAX, lamp... this brand overturns preconceived ideas about video projectors

The XGIMI Horizon Max © XGIMI

Au In case you're wondering, the term IMAX means a collaboration with the company that makes the expensive camera systems, analog projectors, and movie theaters of the same name. The projector is also the result of a merger with Google and Mediatek for the intelligent part (it runs under Google TV).

The 5th version of the image auto-adjustment system, called ISA 5.0, automatically detects the environment in which you have just placed the projector. The integrated gimbal then finds the best space for projecting the image on the wall, then a set of algorithms calculates the modifications to be made to the image to erase the characteristics of the wall which could be unsightly when showing a film.

These settings are stored in memory, so that calibration only takes place the first time the projector detects a wall. Second technological innovation: a dual lighting source, laser and phosphorescent lamp – who act together to “clean” the imperfections of laser technology. The lasers, of the MCL type, are also similar to those used in digital cinemas.

In terms of brightness, we can hope for up to ISO 3100 Lumens. IMAX certifies the accuracy of the colorimetric calibration.

And if the projector was hiding in a ceiling light ?

Another very innovative model that you can see on the front page of this article, the XGIMI Aladdin. When turned off, the projector looks like a smart, stylish ceiling lamp. Turned on, and it displays a very large image with a distance of up to approximately 2.50 meters. The precise technical details are not yet known, although we imagine that the product offers Google TV, among other technologies – and we guess that it integrates its own speakers.

This is actually the 2nd iteration of the product – XGIMI specifies that it is as simple to install as a classic wall light, and even seems ideal for freeing up space (and avoiding the accumulation of cables on the floor) in small rooms. Alas, beyond these announcements XGIMI does not currently give prices or a marketing schedule.

    < li>The XGIMI brand has just unveiled two innovative projectors on the sidelines of CES 2024.
  • The first, called Horizon Max, targets the high-end market with a compact format , a collaboration with IMAX and impeccable quality.
  • The second, the Aladdin, is hidden in a wall light for the ceiling.

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