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Salesforce: this free guide gives you tips for successful sales

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To run your business and grow your business, signing a contract is essential. But making a successful sale is far from easy. There are several elements that go into generating sales and, therefore, driving growth for your business.

As we enter 2024, Salesforce has developed the ultimate sales guide. and ensures you achieve sales success in five steps. Salesforce has brought together all its knowledge to enable you to inevitably sign a contract. Get a sneak peek of Salesforce's Ultimate Sales Guide.

How to make a successful sale from A to Z according to Salesforce

For Salesforce, there are five essential steps to a successful sale. The company details them in its white paper available free of charge. First and foremost, the sales process is crucial. To sign a contract, you absolutely must build a sales process that transforms every time and Salesforce guides you step by step in this direction. Thus, this guide recalls the importance of knowing your products or services inside out, of being perfectly prepared, of highlighting the value of your product or your service rather than their functionalities or even of qualifying the needs of your leads.

When you want to succeed in your sales, it is important not to neglect commercial prospecting. As Salesforce so well points out in its ultimate sales guide, this stage occurs between the moment when your reluctant lead becomes a high business opportunity. By growing your customer base intelligently, you can boost your growth. In its white paper, Salesforce explains how to find new prospects, how to approach them, how to qualify them and how to encourage them to move to the next stage of the sales cycle.

Salesforce: this free guide gives you tips for successful sales


But then ? You have to keep an eye on the health of your business. To do this, you must not overlook the importance of your sales pipeline. Salesforce gives you all the keys to building a healthy and, therefore, effective sales pipeline. A good sales pipeline allows you to see at a glance the origin of your leads, their sectors of activity, the conversion rate, the pace of sales or even the duration of the sales cycle. So much crucial data for a company's salespeople.

Sales calls are extremely important for signing a contract. You have to take the time to prepare them correctly. Salesforce has listed 13 tips for making a successful sales call. According to a study conducted in 2021, only 32% of representatives said they were satisfied with their training or coaching, particularly in the area of ​​prospecting calls. This can cause companies’ turnover to drop.

Finally, closing a sale is the last step in the sales process and should not be taken lightly. This step needs to be taken care of since it is the moment when the prospect must reach (or not!) an agreement and sign the sales contract. All the previous steps have brought you to this precise moment. It’s about the culmination of all your efforts. This is, ultimately, the most difficult stage of the sale. But success brings great relief. Normally, if you followed the advice, you are on the right track since the work has already been done. In its white paper, Salesforce lists the most common closing techniques, those that have already proven themselves.

Of course, a CRM platform like Salesforce can help you simplify your sales cycle and drive growth for your business. If you want to learn more about improving your skills and achieving sales success every time, the ultimate Salesforce sales guide is right here:

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