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Impress your friends with this special streaming VPN on sale

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The advantages of Virtual Private Networks are numerous. They ensure your online security, they are easy to handle… But also and above all they are capable of unblocking new web content by bypassing geo-limitations. This advantage is particularly appreciated in the field of streaming.

And there is a publisher that hits hard at this level: CyberGhost. This VPN not only allows you to unblock foreign catalogs from streaming platforms, but it also offers an optimal reading experience. The icing on the cake is that it is currently available at €2.19 per month.

How CyberGhost works to stream ?

If you regularly do streaming evenings, then CyberGhost will please you. The software allows you to change your perceived geographic location online, in order to fool geolocation systems. And CyberGhost is strong: it offers you more than 10,000 servers in around a hundred countries around the globe.

You can therefore base yourself virtually in any of these territories with just one click. For the explanation, know that this actually goes through your IP address.

When you select a country, the VPN immediately and automatically changes your IP address to an IP that originates from one of its servers in the territory in question. This element being used to know your geographical location, the illusion is perfect for allowing you to access programs from other countries.

Note also that CyberGhost works with the main streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ or even Hulu. The provider even offers servers optimized for streaming which ensure optimal speeds for smooth, HD playback of your programs.

This therefore seems very pleasant for optimal streaming sessions with friends or family. In addition, a subscription to CyberGhost gives you the right to 7 simultaneous connections. You will be able to share these advantages with all your family and even your friends if you wish.

And as we said above, at the moment this package is available at a reduced price. The publisher actually displays an 82% immediate discount as well as 2 months free on the 2-year subscription. Thus, you can subscribe for €56.94 for 26 months, which at the monthly level equates to an expense of only €2.19.

Other advantages of the tool

Using CyberGhost for streaming is very beneficial. But this is clearly not the only positive point of this software. Indeed, you should also know that it ensures your security and confidentiality online. To do this, the publisher encrypts your connection end-to-end and completely camouflages your IP address.

You are thus 100% anonymous on the net and on connected applications, so much so that even your employer and your ISP will not be able to see what you do online. Additionally, CyberGhost has a strict zero-logs policy, ensuring that your data is not stored in any way. But that's not all.

The application also has a Kill Switch, which suspends your traffic if the VPN is disconnected. You will also have the choice of protocol to use (CyberGhost also offers the famous WireGuard). On another note, know that the VPN is very easy to use (our guide on using VPNs here).

It adapts to a maximum of devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, Smart TVs, connected boxes or even routers. And in case of problems, technical support is always available via live chat.

So, the publisher's current promotional offer becomes even more interesting than it already was. Remember that this allows you to benefit from an immediate 82% reduction as well as 2 months free on the 2-year subscription to the service.

Thus, the 26 month package drops to €56.94,. Last important point: this offer comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee. So you don't take any risks.

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