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The European country where Elon Musk wants to install his next Gigafactory is becoming clearer

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For several months now, Tesla has been seeking to expand its German Gigafactory, located on the outskirts of Berlin. The huge factory has certainly created a certain number of jobs, but is not appreciated by the inhabitants of Grünheide. Recently, the latter were invited to express their views on a possible expansion of the factory, the “no” having won. During this poll, nearly one in four voters expressed themselves against Tesla.

What if Tesla showed up… in Italy ?

On the other side of the Alps, in Italy, the government led by Giorgia Meloni announces that it is in discussions with various automobile brands. The objective is obviously to attract builders, in order to encourage them to come and settle in the country.

Even though the Italian government is very favorable to industrial protectionism, the local giant, namely Fiat, is in the fold of the Stellantis group. And to the great dismay of the Italians, the future electric Fiat Panda will be produced, not near Naples, but in Brazil, Morocco and Serbia.

The European country where Elon Musk wants to install his next Gigafactory is becoming clearer

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Also, Adolfo Urso, the Italian Minister of Economic Development, confirmed that he had started discussions with various manufacturers, including Tesla, but also the Chinese BYD. “The manufacturers interested are car manufacturers who, for the moment, do not produce in Europe, but who are looking at our market with interest” he indicated.

According to the Italian government, Italy must produce at least 1.3 million vehicles per year to preserve its national automobile industry, facing the challenges posed by the transition to electric mobility . This could involve an increase in production of Stellantis in the country, but also through the arrival of new market players.

It now remains to be seen whether Tesla, like BYD, will really be inclined to come and set up shop on Italian soil. If the first already has a Gigafactory in Europe (in Germany), the second has already confirmed its intention to set up a first factory on the old Continent, near Hungary.

Let us also remember that the manufacturer Toyota is also looking to set up a factory in Europe by 2026. The manufacturer has indicated that its fleet will include no less than 15 “zero emission” models. (battery and hydrogen) by 2026. Toyota is already present in Europe, with factories in the United Kingdom and Turkey, without forgetting France of course.

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