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In France, this profession is in short supply and brings in €3,125 per month without experience

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In the world of new technologies, the profession of IT developer stands out as a promising career with serious prospects for advancement. With a growing demand for these skills, the sector is experiencing a notable shortage of web developers: there is a shortage of 80,000 IT specialists in France.

An attractive salary

According to recent data communicated by Le Figaro Emploi, the number of current job offers for permanent contracts for IT developers stands at 127 119, which reflects the stability and long-term potential that this profession can offer. Furthermore, the remuneration is attractive since it provides an average gross salary per month of 3,125 euros from the first years of a career. This amount is valid for both independent and corporate clients.

IT developers mainly specialize in creating web applications – closely followed by backend services which are essential for data management. The fields of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data science are also experiencing significant growth with an annual increase of 20% in the sector. They are often associated with more demanding schools and long studies. In France, Mistral AI is one of the most promising nuggets of the ecosystem.

The regions that are on the rise

The analysis of the data collected by Randstad and Golden Bees for our colleagues at Le Figaro shows that job offers are mainly concentrated in 3 major regions: the Greater Paris metropolis, the Lyon region and Toulouse. A notable aspect of these figures is that 16% of opportunities remain in an 'invisible' market. which is not listed on traditional job platforms.

The latter is fueled by word of mouth, spontaneous applications, co-optations, etc. The importance of the employer brand is thus highlighted, sometimes becoming the only tool necessary to attract talent.

Within companies, employee ambassadors play a key role in recruitment and contribute to increasing the “invisible employment” market. The latter increased from 41% in 2020 to 53% today.

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By Teilor Stone

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