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This is the amount you can earn in France without having to work

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At the heart of social and political debates – even as the European elections take place this weekend, French redistribution policy continues to be talked about. Between criticism and praise, it still stands out for its scale and its capacity to reduce income inequalities. According to INSEE data, this redistribution is mainly carried out through two levers: direct compulsory deductions, which represent 38% of the effort, and social benefits, which constitute 62%.< /p>

Activity bonus, minimum social benefits

France offers a variety of social assistance, accessible to both people with and without earned income. Social minima, activity bonus, housing assistance and family benefits are some examples of financial support available to citizens. Good news: it is often possible to combine them to maximize income when you are in a delicate situation.

According to simulations from the Directorate of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DRESS), a single person without earned income could claim, in January 2023, a disposable income of 820 euros per month, explain our colleagues from Le Figaro. This sum is broken down into 539 euros coming directly from the Active Solidarity Income (RSA) and a proportional share of the Christmas bonus, as well as 281 euros coming from housing allowances.

For a couple with two childrenand without income, the monthly disposable income would amount to 1,629 euros on that date (and more today with inflation). This amount includes 965 euros of RSA and the Christmas bonus, 455 euros of housing allowances, 140 euros of family allowances and 69 euros of back-to-school allowance. If the couple has three children, the disposable income can then increase to 2 058 euros per month with a specific distribution of the different aids.

A couple without children and without earned income can count on an income of 1 351 euros per month. Finally, a single person with three childrenand without earned income has a disposable income of 2 132 euros thanks to a range of aid covering RSA, housing allowances, family allowances, family supplement, back-to-school allowance or even family support allowance.

DRESS specifies that its assumptions are based on typical households with children aged 6 to 13 and that the scales used to calculate benefits are those in force on January 1, 2023. Price adjustments after this date are therefore not reflected in these calculations: it is likely that the amount you can obtain without working in June 2024 is higher than the figures announced above.

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