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In the Var, a man shot dead at his home by a gendarme: what happened ?

During an intervention in a town in the Var, an "armedé with a knife" was é fatally injured by a police shot. The perpetrator of the shooting wasé placed on guard &agrav; view.

The intervention turned out to be to the drama. This Wednesday, February 21, at the end of the day, a gendarme fatally injured a police officer. a man during an intervention in the town of Les Arcs, in the Var. The member of the police has since been arrested. placed on guard &agrav; view according to the Draguignan public prosecutor's office which opened a flagrant investigation for “voluntary homicide by a person holding authority”. public". The General Inspectorate of the National Gendarmerie (IGGN) is in charge of the investigations and must determine the actual conditions of the intervention and whether they justified the gendarme‚Äôs shooting.

Initially, the surveillance and intervention squad of the national gendarmerie (Psig) intervened at the home of the man who had died. at the request of the municipal police after acts of contempt against persons holding authority. public" according to the press release of the prosecutor of the Republic of Draguignan, Pierre Couttenier. Which one specified? that the victim was known for "his criminal record and likely to present mental disorders".

A knife and "flammable product"

Shortly after the arrival of the gendarmes, the intervention took another turn. Once the police were present in front of the home, the targeted man attacked him. would have spilled under his door a "flammable product" which would have happened in the common areas of the building report France 3 and TF1/LCI. Fearful "for the safety" local residents" and the man set fire to the product, the gendarmes forced the the entrance to the home. They would have found there; a man "armedé of a knife who would have thrown himself on them relates the prosecutor. In reaction, the gendarme who fired the fatal shot opened fire.

The prosecution specifiedé that in parallel with the IGGN investigation into the shooting of the gendarme, the research section will carry out investigations into the initial facts which led to the intervention of the police.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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