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Instagram: the application integrates more advertisements

A new option in the testing phase on Instagram already seems to be a success. cause controversy among users.

This is something new! who did not miss to surprise a small group of users who recently visited Instagram. The Meta group's famous messaging service is currently under development for its 2.5 million users. This new option "Ad Breaks", as its name suggests, takes the form of' an advertisement from 3 &agrav; 5 seconds displayed on a user's navigation space. It therefore requires each consumer to view this short advertisement. to continue &agrav; browse the application feed.

Advertisements on Instagram are not a new thing, however. Many, if not all, users are already using the software. come across content sponsored by companies whether in story, on the navigation menu. The main objective of the deployment of this new functionality is obviously financial since the Meta group relies heavily on this income generated by advertising. within these multiple applications. However, the deterioration of the user experience could have to do with it. The future has serious consequences on the number of users or time spent using the social network.

Commercial break, that is. must-have ads now on Instagram
by u/notthatogwiththename on Instagram

Meta has not officially communicated yet on this addition of advertising breaks which was not missed; to generate comments on the web. Some users of the famous social network to arouse their own satisfaction by defending the fact that they will spend less time on the application.

Be careful though, this test phase does not in any way mean that this new feature will be released. will be adopted by Meta. On the contrary, the "Ad Breaks" are currently limited to a small group of users in order to measure the impact on them and the income generated.

Teilor Stone

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