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Instagram: You're going to hate this new feature that no one asked for

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Imagine this situation, you are scrolling through your news feed on Instagram, and suddenly a 3 to 5 second ad appears. No need to frantically tap your screen, because it's impossible to zap it. This is precisely what happened to a handful of users of the social network recently as part of a test phase carried out by the Meta group service.

An initiative criticized

Unlike sponsored posts which are seamlessly integrated into the navigation, these advertisements are on the contrary quite aggressive if the we believe the testimonies of the first users who were confronted with it.

For the moment, it is still difficult to say whether these will be generalized to all Internet users in a second phase. The challenge is probably to observe reactions and see if these new formats are likely to generate revenue without driving users away.

In the meantime, the first comments are pouring out on competing social networks, and they are not kind towards the Meta group's application. Some believe it is a terrible business decision, while others criticize the poor user experience it generates due to disruption to navigation.

Among other users, like Rob Moses on X (formerly Twitter), the threat is concrete: “Ad break on Instagram, maybe I'll finally go to TikTok…”

Instagram's wise decision

We understand, anger is growing, but fortunately, Instagram also knows how to add more informed features to its application. To cite just one recent example, Meta decided to deactivate the ability for teens to be contacted via private messages by people they do not follow, or with whom they are not connected on Instagram.

If the account is ever supervised by an adult, via parental control, you will even need to obtain the consent of a parent to remove this restriction. This common-sense measure will limit unwanted requests and better protect minor users on the service, as we told you about here.

What do you think of this news ad break currently offered to certain Internet users on Instagram ? Tell us in the comments.

Things to remember:

  • A new ad break is currently being tested on Instagram
  • These are 3-5 second ads that are impossible to avoid
  • User initial reactions are quite negative

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