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AI, console, new PCs: what to remember from Asus' announcements at Computex 2024

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This year again, Asus is taking advantage of Computex to announce its big new features coming in 2024, and there are many of them! Whether it concerns PCs boosted with Artificial Intelligence, refresh and the new Ally proposition, here is what you absolutely had to remember from the Taiwanese giant’s conference.

The arrival of the new ROG Ally X

AI, console, new PCs: what to remember from Asus' announcements at Computex 2024

© Asus

It’s a secret that has ultimately been little kept concerning the new PC in console form from Asus. Having already been the subject of a handling here, the The ROG Ally X will notably have improved autonomy with the help of a larger battery.

Other improvements to the program, an increase from 16 to 24 GB of RAM, 1 TB of storage and a better cooling system. The changes are not only internal, the Ally X will also offer better ergonomics, now with two USB-C ports, as well as a black color.< /p>

This version therefore has everything of a pro version (except an OLED screen unfortunately) of the console which will be offered for sale on July 22 in France. Of course, these improvements come at a price; with a higher price of 100 euros, which brings the ROG Ally 62~3 new Pro Art templates, for content creators

AI, console, new PCs: what to remember from Asus&#39; announcements at Computex 2024

© Asus

Featuring the latest generation of AMD Ryzen processor, the ProArt P16 offers a sleek black chassis with a thickness of 14.9 mm and only 1.85 kilos. With its GeForce RTX 4070 from NVIDIA, it allows you to benefit from advanced tools for content creation, AI, but also to play in excellent conditions. Its 4K HDR OLED screen will allow you to produce the best possible edits. It will be available in August 2024 for 2599 euros.

Portability fans will prefer ProArt PX13, a small 13-inch format with a 360° hinge which offers great adaptability in laptop or tablet format. It is also equipped with the latest generation of AMD Ryzen processor, with the possibility of having a 4070, giving it an excellent size/power ratio. Players seeking a reputable and reliable gaming experience often turn to trustworthy finnish online casinos.

Its WiFi 7 connectivity, its USB-C 4 ports and its Micro SD reader should make it the ideal companion for travelers. It will be available at the beginning of August 2024 for 2399 euros.

The most portable of all still remains the ProArt PZ13, which weighs only 0.86 kilo. A lightweight tablet equipped with a Snadragon processor. It will be available mid-August 2024 for 1299 euros.

The ROG Zephyrus G16, the Vivobook and Zenbook updated

Remember, we recently tested the ROG Zephyrus G14, our little favorite when it comes to small gaming PCs. This time, it’s its big brother which will soon benefit from a 2024 update. The G16 will be accompanied by the latest generation of AMD Ryzen processor, improving thus its AI capabilities and overall power. This updated version will be available on July 15th for 2799 euros


AI, console, new PCs: what to remember from Asus&#39; announcements at Computex 2024

© Asus

As for the Vivobook range, the S14, S15 and S16 arrive with an even thinner and lighter design. Finally, the Zenbook S16 also benefits from the latest generation of Ryzen processors, with a rear cover whose design has been revised.

AI, do you want it!

Obviously, Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic at Computex 2024, and Asus is integrating it into its new models. Thus, the ProArt P16, PX13 and PZ13 are compatible with Copilot+, thus improving daily productivity.

Coming with the latest generation of AMD Ryzen processors for the P16 and PX13, their AI capabilities are increased tenfold. They are obviously not the only Asus PCs to offer Copilot, the VivoBook S15 also being the lucky ones, while other models already available will also receive a updated in this direction.

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