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Spotify increases its prices: here are the 5 best alternatives

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The announcement is out, and it's not just making people happy: Spotify is increasing its prices again. After an increase a few months ago, the Swedish streaming platform is doing it again, this time invoking a new tax imposed by the government. Users will therefore have to get used to it: the Premium Individual subscription goes from €10.99 to €11.12, the Student offer to 6 .06€, the Duo offer at 15.17€ and the Family offer at 18.21€.

Although this increase may seem minimal at first glance, it still represents an increase of more than 200% since 2017. Faced with this surge in prices, many users are wondering if it is not possible. ;it's not time to look for an alternative.

Top 5 best alternative to Spotify:

  • Deezer
  • Apple Music
  • Qobuz
  • YouTube Music
  • Tidal

Whether you are a demanding audiophile, a loyal Apple user, a fan of made in France or simply looking for an economical solution, there is necessarily a platform that will meet your needs. In this article, we present five great alternatives to Spotify, with their advantages, disadvantages and prices, to help you make the best choice. So, ready to discover the best alternatives to Spotify and enjoy your favorite music without breaking the bank ? Here we go !

Spotify increases its prices: here are the 5 best alternatives

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National pride, Deezer is a French music streaming platform that has captured the hearts of many music lovers. Its intuitive interface and personalized recommendations make it a popular choice.


  • Extended catalog: Deezer offers more than 90 million titles, covering all genres and eras.
  • Innovative Features: Deezer offers unique features like “SongCatcher” to identify the songs around you and “Flow” to discover new titles according to your tastes.
  • Integration with connected speakers: Deezer is compatible with most connected speakers, allowing you to enjoy your music anywhere in your home you.


  • Audio quality: Deezer's standard audio quality is lower than some competitors.
  • Price: The Deezer HiFi subscription, which offers better audio quality, is more expensive than the # 8217;standard subscription.


  • Deezer Premium: €10.99/month
  • Deezer Family: €17.99/month
  • Deezer Student: €5.99/month
  • Deezer HiFi: €15.99/month

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Spotify increases its prices: here are the 5 best alternatives

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If you're an Apple user, Apple Music is a natural option. Its seamless integration with Apple devices and its extensive catalog make it an attractive choice. The application is also available on Android – however it is possible in this case that you will find other options that fit more with the ergonomics of the Android ecosystem.


  • Seamless Integration: Apple Music integrates seamlessly with Apple devices, allowing you to control your music from your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch.
  • Rich catalog: Apple Music offers more than 100 million songs, plus live radio shows, podcasts, and video clips.
  • Audio quality: Apple Music offers lossless audio quality and Dolby Atmos for an immersive listening experience.


  • Interface: The Apple Music interface can be a little complex for new users.
  • Less suitable for Android users: Although Apple Music is available on Android, the experience is less fluid than on Apple devices.


  • Apple Music Voice: €4.99/month
  • Apple Music Individual: €10.99/month
  • Apple Music Family: €16.99/month
  • Apple Music Student: €5.99/month

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Spotify increases its prices: here are the 5 best alternatives

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Qobuz stands out for its offering focused on audio quality. If you are a demanding audiophile, Qobuz is the platform for you.


  • Exceptional audio quality: Qobuz offers high-resolution (Hi-Res) and lossless audio quality, providing a # 8217;unparalleled listening.
  • Specialized catalog: Qobuz focuses on classical, jazz and world music genres, with a carefully selected catalog.
  • Magazines and articles: Qobuz offers online magazines and in-depth articles on music, to enrich your music experience# 8217;listen.


  • Price: Qobuz subscriptions are more expensive than most competitors.
  • Less extensive catalog: Qobuz does not offer as many titles as some other platforms.


  • Qobuz Studio Premier: €14.99/month
  • Qobuz Studio Sublime: €149.99/year (€12.49/month)

Spotify increases its prices: here are the 5 best alternatives

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YouTube Music is a great option for those looking for a budget-friendly platform who are already familiar with the YouTube/Google ecosystem. The offer is vast and the suggestions often pleasant.

The most:

  • Affordable price: YouTube Music offers a free subscription with advertising and a Premium subscription at a competitive price.
  • Integration with YouTube: YouTube Music gives you easy access to music videos, live concerts and cover songs available on YouTube.
  • Personalized recommendations: YouTube Music uses your YouTube video history to provide you with relevant music recommendations.


  • YouTube Premium (includes YouTube Music Premium): €14.99/month
  • Family subscription: €17.99/month

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Spotify increases its prices: here are the 5 best alternatives

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Tidal is a music streaming platform that focuses on audio quality and artist support. It also offers exclusive content, such as live concerts and music documentaries.


  • High Fidelity Audio Quality: Tidal offers High Fidelity (HiFi) and Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) audio quality for a premium experience 8217;exceptional listening.
  • Exclusive contents:Tidal offers live concerts, music documentaries, and artist interviews that you won't find anywhere else.
  • Artist Support: Tidal gives a larger share of its revenue to artists than most other platforms.


  • Smaller Catalog: Tidal doesn't offer as many tracks as some other platforms. platforms.


  • Tidal Plus: €10.99/month
  • Tidal Family (6 users): €19.99/month
  • Tidal Student: €4.99/month

Of course the choice of one application rather than another depends not only on your preferences… but also from the community of users around you. With similar prices, it can be quite smart to choose the platform that those around you use the most. Enough to facilitate sharing, but also to avoid juggling between applications depending on the recipient of your favorite song. Finally, let's note that lossless quality is not really accessible if your headphones or earphones (supposed to allow it) connect via Bluetooth – due to the throughput of this technology, too low at the moment.

Only a wired connection with a DAC (separate audio converter) on very high-end headphones can provide access to this type of listening. What all in all put into perspective the inclusion of a lossless offer in certain cases – although advanced hi-fi compression algorithms can provide a slight increase in quality,

* Prices noted as of June 2, 2024.

  • Spotify is raising prices again, pushing many users to look for alternatives.
  • The French music streaming market offers many interesting options, suitable for all tastes and budgets.
  • This article presents five great alternatives to Spotify: Deezer, Apple Music, Qobuz, YouTube Music and Tidal.

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