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Investing in real estate from $50 is possible with RealT

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Investing in real estate is becoming more and more complicated in France. The rise in interest rates is leading many individuals to abandon their projects while waiting for better days. In this very delicate context, the startup, founded in 2019 by two Canadian entrepreneurs, offers an alternative.

Its concept is simple: democratize rental investment to make it more accessible to the general public. For this, the company relies on blockchain technology in an approach geared towards innovation. The provision of this tool is a step forward for the sector. Indeed, it considerably simplifies exchanges and secures assets in a decentralized and transparent manner.

Concretely, RealT buys real estate, then splits it and tokenizes it in equal parts. These are then offered and sold to its community through a marketplace. Users therefore become co-owners of the property and receive part of the rent payment every Monday.

What are the advantages of RealT?

This service allows you to invest in more than 350 properties for a total value of $100 million. These are quite often houses located in the United States, and very soon within the European Union.

Another strength of this investment: the investment proves to be ultra-flexible, but above all very accessible for only 50 dollars per token. The platform is an alternative solution for individuals wishing to diversify their portfolio.

With its operation, it allows you to receive regular income. So, while some investments take far too long to bear fruit, the startup offers a weekly payment (every Monday) of your rent in stable coins indexed to the US dollar. Enough to allow you to see your gains more clearly and better manage your capital in the long term.

Flexibility is also essential if we compare the platform to traditional real estate investments. Indeed, you can easily resell your tokens to RealT upon payment of a commission. There is also a dedicated marketplace on which you can resell peer-to-peer. In both cases, the process is simplified, and it is much easier to sell a fraction worth $50 than an entire apartment.

Of course, these investments are not completely without danger as Jean-Marc Jacobson, co-founder of the company, recalls: “there is no investment without risk”, including non-payment problems and liquidity. By avoiding bank loans to its clients, RealT, however, removes some of the fears linked to the traditional market.

Good expected returns

To better understand the interest of what RealT offers, we can cite the example of this residence located in the city of Detroit in the United States. The latter is valued at $69,552. By investing $50.40, or one token, you could achieve an annual return of 9.87% (if there are no payment or liquidity concerns for the tenant). p>

Investing in real estate for as little as $50 is possible with RealT

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To summarize, RealT offers individuals the opportunity to invest simply and from a reasonable amount ($50 per token). It puts its technology at their service with a secure and flexible offer that proves extremely profitable. The platform allows you to start a real estate portfolio while generating passive income.

Disclaimer: any investment involves risk and may both generate a profit and a loss. Investors should consider their financial situation and consult their financial advisor(s) to understand the risks involved before embarking on an investment. Furthermore, past performance is no indication or guarantee of future performance, and no representation is made regarding future performance.

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