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iPhone 16: the first leaks already reveal a new feature

The new iPhone 16 should not be revealed yet officially before the end of 2024. Several drawings of its design, however, are beginning to appear. leak and reveal a feature never before seen on an iPhone.

Leaks from a new iPhone are quite common. The closer we get to the month of September (official date of the Apple keynote), the more likely it is that information on the next iPhone will be abundant. The next iPhone 16 à Coming is no exception, and it is quite natural that leaks begin to appear. appear on the latter and à unveil its new design.

iPhone 16: the first leaks already reveal a new feature

© 01mobiles

This first rendering of the back of the iPhone 16 comes from the 01Mobiles site and reveals several very interesting details . First of all, it seems that Apple is deciding to offer a larger iPhone than for the last generations by moving from ;a 6.1-inch screen & 6.3 inches.

But the real novelty is comes from a new button located at the bottom of the button. under the power supply. According to rumors it would be a "capture button" would allow direct access to the "camera" and take your shots as if you had a real professional camera. The latter would then allow the "action" to have another functionality of your choice.

iPhone 16: the first leaks already reveal a new feature

© 01Mobiles

At the front of the iPhone 16, we still find the 'Dynamic Island" which should make its return once again. It seems that Apple's plans to integrate a camera under the screen of the smartphone will not are not yet finalized. We also observe that the “action" is a little more imposing than its version currently present on the iPhone 15 Pro.

Of course, these sketches are à take with a grain of salt. The idea of ​​a "capture” button has been around for some time now. trailing within Apple's information leaks. The firm seems to be making its new iPhone 16 more focused on technology. than ever before in photography. The smartphone would also focus on AI with the new iOS 18 which will be unveiled later. this summer.

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